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Example sentences for "objective existence"

  • Flesh and blood have therefore no objective existence; otherwise they must be an object to the unbelieving senses.

  • The Idealist holds that the phenomenal world has only a subjective existence, the Realist that it has an objective existence.

  • As the qualities had no objective existence, and the thing without qualities was nothing, the solid world seemed whittled away--to my great horror.

  • In other words, the distinction drawn in the preceding paragraph between colour as a subjective effect and space as an objective existence is no longer maintained.

  • The material world is an objective existence due to external relations between the monads, not a merely subjective existence internal to each of them.

  • They compose the empirical self which is an objective existence, integrally connected with the material environment in terms of which alone it can be understood.

  • Therefore with the simple or Berkeleian idealism, which concerns the object in general, there stands in immediate connection the Kantian idealism, which concerns the specially given mode or manner of objective existence.

  • This universal for itself, sundered, exists in purity only as thought; it exists also in nature as objective existence, but in that case no longer purely for itself, but as having particularity as an immediate in it.

  • While he defines absolute existence as universal, we see here that in objective existence, or in matter, universality and thought abandon Anaxagoras.

  • Kant separates himself from this standpoint only in that he places the relativity in the “I,” and not in objective existence.

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