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Example sentences for "thousand pardons"

  • A thousand pardons, Senoritas--but we want you to come back and drink with the victorious--to be our guests for the evening.

  • A thousand pardons, Senorita, there is five parties going tonight.

  • A thousand pardons, madame; I was listening to the singing.

  • A thousand pardons, Madame la Vicomtesse," said the Baron, more at sea than ever.

  • A thousand pardons, Madame la Vicomtesse," he said.

  • I beg pardon, monsieur, a thousand pardons; I didn't see you.

  • A thousand pardons, monsieur, but it would be a great pleasure to me to know with whom I have had the honor of conversing.

  • A thousand pardons," Ludovic murmured, "but like what?

  • A thousand pardons, madame," she said, with a certain sour impudence.

  • My dear young lady I beg a thousand pardons!

  • But I beg a thousand pardons--" He turned and glanced at Natalie.

  • When he sat down again, he said, "Madam, I beg a thousand pardons for my rudeness.

  • I knew you not; and I ask a thousand pardons for my rudeness.

  • I am very sorry for it, and beg you a thousand pardons.

  • A thousand pardons, Mr. Hartright; servants are such asses, are they not?

  • A thousand pardons, Miss Halcombe," he said.

  • A thousand pardons, Miss Halcombe," he said; "I only venture to disturb you because I am the bearer of good news.

  • A thousand pardons, Mr. Hartright, I'm afraid I bore you.

  • I beg a thousand pardons again," he said.

  • Madam, I beg a thousand pardons," Millar said suavely.

  • I beg a thousand pardons--but I really said nothing of the kind.

  • I beg a thousand pardons," said the Baron from behind his handkerchief, which he held pressed to his face, rising from the table as he spoke, and swiftly withdrawing from the room.

  • With a start Mauro answered, after a dazed stare at the Duke: "A thousand pardons, Excellency!

  • Whereupon, assuming an air of mock contrition, he begged a thousand pardons of Fraeulein Fanny, while in secret he reckoned it as a good work to have given her a foretaste of the joys that awaited her.

  • I beg a thousand pardons," growled Schnetz, again addressing himself to Irene.

  • A thousand pardons, seƱor Don Luis, but we have our duty to the State.

  • A thousand pardons," he said, "a thousand pardons for my stupidity.

  • My lord, said she, covering his shoulders, which were always bare while he was under the bastinado, I ask a thousand pardons for my inhuman treatment of you formerly, and for what you feel at this time.

  • Then, turning to Rodin, he added: "A thousand pardons!

  • She immediately rose and said to me, 'A thousand pardons, sir.

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