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Example sentences for "ordnance stores"

  • There was great scarcity of ordnance stores, but, happily, an abundant supply of subsistence stores.

  • At this point was a number of very large buildings known as Molino del Rey, which had formerly been used for the manufacture of ordnance stores.

  • Forrest has blown up Tunnel Hill; if so, Sherman must be embarrassed in getting supplies of ordnance stores.

  • An official report shows that we lost no arms or ordnance stores of consequence at Staunton.

  • It is not yet ascertained what amount of ordnance stores we gained from the battle.

  • Invoices and Receipts must invariably be given and taken of all ordnance, ordnance stores, equipments, and small arms, when transferred from the keeping of one officer to another.

  • These boxes are to be safely kept and returned into store, or accounted for in the same manner as other articles of Ordnance stores, by those persons in whose charge they may be placed.

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