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Example sentences for "light breeze"

  • It was not until the cool of the afternoon that a light breeze sprung up to fill the sails of the White Dove, and press her gently on towards the coast of Cantyre.

  • In a light breeze, and with his hand on the tiller, he might have done very well; but this looped rope, to which he had to cling so as to steady himself, seemed puzzling.

  • Early in the morning, the fog cleared a little, and a light breeze sprung up from the northward.

  • Next day at sun-rise, after having stood off all night with a light breeze at S.

  • We continued to steer for it with a light breeze at east, till five in the evening, when we were stopped by a calm.

  • We stood in shore with a light breeze at east till sun-set, when we were between two and three leagues off.

  • Wind north, a light breeze, a large halo visible about the sun.

  • Happily, before we had reached it, a light breeze enabled us to turn the ship's head to seaward and we had the gratification to find, when the sails were trimmed, that she drew off the shore.

  • The ship again struck in passing over a ledge of rocks and happily the blow replaced the rudder, which enabled us to take advantage of a light breeze and to direct the ship's head without the projecting cliff.

  • At 9 Sprung up a light breeze at North, loos'd all the Reefs out, and set the Steering sails.

  • Southermost Land or South point of the Bay, having a light breeze at North-East, our soundings from 12 to 8 fathoms.

  • In the middle of the night, a heavy tornado came on; after which it continued to blow very hard from the eastward till noon, when the wind died away to a light breeze, and we had a very fine afternoon.

  • At daylight, we made all sail with a light breeze, for the harbour of Rio de Janeiro.

  • As morning approached a light breeze began to blow.

  • A fog rose from the cold surface of the tarn, and driven by a light breeze, drifted onto the shore.

  • Demo stood, disconsolate, listening to the quiet lap of the waves against the bow, the groan of taut hawsers, the gentle flap of furled sails in a light breeze.

  • After the gale had abated, we proceeded with fair weather and a light breeze to the Second Narrow, when the wind fell; but the tide being in our favour, we passed rapidly through.

  • At noon, we passed out of the sound, and steered for Charles Island, with a {238} light breeze in our favour.

  • I reached her outside the cove, and stood to seaward; but the day was too fine, there being little or no wind till dark, when a light breeze carried us out of the bay.

  • Seeing him and his friends seem quite contented, I pulled onwards, and, a light breeze springing up, made sail.

  • On the 27th, at nine o'clock in the morning, we got under sail with a light breeze at S.

  • The appearance was so strong that we doubted not it was there in reality, and tacked to work up to it accordingly; having a light breeze at south, and clear weather.

  • The calm was succeeded by a light breeze at S.

  • This was succeeded by a light breeze at west, with which we steered east, under all the sail we could set, meeting with many ice islands.

  • A light breeze blowing on shore wafted the three vessels gently along the smooth surface of the bay.

  • A light breeze, of sufficient force to enable the vessels to manoeuvre, was blowing; but the surface of the ocean was as placid as a lake in summer.

  • Morning dawned bright and clear, with a light breeze blowing, that broke into ripples the surface of the land-locked bay.

  • The day was clear and warm, with a light breeze blowing.

  • The weather continually alternated from a dead calm to a light breeze: the wind frequently shifted, but I had no strength left to attend to the sail--the boat was abandoned to its own guidance, or rather to that of the wind.

  • When I went out the next morning, I found that the weather was beautifully fine, the water smooth, and only rippled by a light breeze.

  • It was a beautiful morning, the water was smooth, and merely rippled with a light breeze, and the sun shone bright.

  • At length a light breeze sprang up from the westward; but though strong enough to fill her sails and send her slowly gliding over the mirror-like surface of the water, it had not the power of blowing away the mist which hung over it.

  • Happily the ebb just then made, and a light breeze sprang up and blew down the harbour.

  • Thus for nearly an hour and a half was the contest carried on, when a light breeze sprang up, which placed the schooner to windward.

  • We had a light breeze, and at once began to beat up after them.

  • The weather was delightful, and we sailed on over the calm ocean with a light breeze.

  • One morning, as we were slowly moving along with a light breeze, on soundings between Cape Henry and Cape Hatteras, a large loggerhead turtle was seen a short distance to windward, motionless, and apparently asleep on the water.

  • And what was remarkable, after the first ten days, the brig leaked as much in a light breeze and a smooth sea as in rough weather.

  • Thus equipped, the Wasp stood out to sea with a light breeze, just as the moon rose on the coral reef and cast a shower of sparkling silver across the bay.

  • A few seconds later, the sails were swelled out by a light breeze, and the schooner moved through the water at a rate which seemed scarcely possible under the influence of so gentle a puff of air.

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