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Example sentences for "dressmaking"

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  1. Yes, she must begin to be the care taker, she had been so engrossed with her studies and giving her help with the sewing they did for a dressmaking establishment that she had hardly noted.

  2. You see sewing is not very profitable ordinarily unless you can do high up dressmaking or are forewoman in some factory, and I couldn't sew for a living.

  3. The place of a domestic in a family may become as respectable in their eyes as a place in a factory, in a printing-office, in a dressmaking or millinery establishment, or behind the counter of a shop.

  4. Then he asked a few questions about Fan's attainments, and seemed pleased to hear that she had learnt dressmaking and embroidery.

  5. It was maintained by the teachers in the establishment she was in that by means of their system even a stupid girl could be taught the mystery of dressmaking in a little while.

  6. We'll see you coming out as Madame Helene and presiding over a big New York dressmaking establishment," smiled Mrs. Emerson.

  7. Embroidery and specialized dressmaking like that we've been talking about--those are the kinds of sewing that make you a craftswoman and an artist and not a drudge.

  8. And my teacher says that dressmaking is a fine art, too, when you are designing dresses and not merely turning them out as coverings for the human frame.

  9. So, Susan had freedom for her dressmaking operations.

  10. Such again was the establishment of the London Dressmaking Company in 1865, under the patronage of Lord Shaftesbury and the Bishops of London and Oxford, to which Punch gave a vigorous puff-preliminary in his editorial columns.

  11. Millinery and dressmaking have their home and headquarters in France, just as cooking has; and for the same reason--because the inferiority of the raw material makes the elaborate and well-studied dressing of it a matter of sheer necessity.

  12. In the prospectus of the Dressmaking Company given above, the work-hours are given as ten.

  13. Tell of some of your failures in dressmaking and give the reasons for your lack of success.

  14. Sidenote: Tacking] The slanting basting stitch or "tacking" is used in dressmaking for holding linings.

  15. Those who are beginners in the art of dressmaking should select plain designs until skill is acquired.

  16. How does dressmaking differ from white sewing in make, finish, and ornamentation?

  17. References: Dressmaking Up to Date, The Butterick Co.

  18. Dressmaking never should be begun until each needed article required for the work has been purchased.

  19. If that dressmaking friend of yours brings about a reconciliation between you and your very wrong-headed cousin, she will do a good deed.

  20. You cannot get ready money in the dressmaking trade except for those costumes you give for a certain fixed price; but I stand out for quarterly accounts.

  21. The result was increased eagerness to see the completion of her dressmaking scheme, and she made Mr. Newton's life a burden to him till all was accomplished.

  22. I may as well go at once, and perhaps she will come with me to that dressmaking ally of hers, Miss Trant.

  23. Of course my nurse has plenty of time for dressmaking with only one child of four to look after, and--and--one really gets no new ideas in a poky place like this.

  24. The dressmaking business had fallen off, from neglect; and its profits had dwindled away almost imperceptibly.

  25. The necktie was produced and admired, while the other girls asked Diantha if she had her fall dressmaking done yet--and whether she found wash ribbon satisfactory.

  26. They had a dressmaking class at the club afternoons, and as Union House boasted a good sewing machine, many of them spent the free hours in enlarging their wardrobes.

  27. I forgot to ask whether the skirt is worn separately; I must see the dressmaking sharp about it; but I think you'll want something on besides a jacket and skirt; at least, it looks like it up here.

  28. They're only samples o' dressmaking and jewelry that a vain, conceited shrimp of a feller up in Sacramento sends down here to get customers for.

  29. I have a dressmaking shop in the Raleigh Block, out on O Street.

  30. But Lena had picked up all the conventional expressions she heard at Mrs. Thomas’s dressmaking shop.

  31. The dressmaking work went on as usual after dinner.

  32. Well, keep on the shady side," called her grandmother, thinking the girl was bound to the stores for some dressmaking supplies.

  33. You can show the girl who is learning dressmaking the difference between large uneven stitches and small regular ones; the undesirability of having a skirt two inches longer at one side than it is at the other.

  34. And to think you're thrown away on a dressmaking business.

  35. Here, in former days, dwelt the aristocracy of the parish; and on this side was the house taken by Angela for her dressmaking institution, the house in which her grandfather was born.

  36. Meantime, Mr. Bunker not having yet succeeded in finding a house suitable for her dressmaking business, she had nothing to do but to go on walking about and to make herself acquainted with the place.

  37. When I was in the dressmaking line," observed her ladyship, "I stayed at home with mother and Aunt Keziah.

  38. And, as to the dressmaking rubbish, why in a week you will be wondering how in the world you ever came to waste your time upon it at all, while such a chance was going about in the world.

  39. The dressmaking was nothing--that went on.

  40. Mrs. Hall had been a forelady in a New York private dressmaking establishment.

  41. Until in compassion they finally moved me around the corner into the dressmaking quarters, which tried Joe's soul.

  42. It was almost like attempting dressmaking in the Subway.

  43. That is why modern fashionable dressmaking has but one aim: to conceal deformities.

  44. Fashionable dressmaking was not precisely the work that Janet's heart was in.

  45. Greenfield promised to have the finest of Greek gowns made in the store's dressmaking department.

  46. The beautiful gown and its accessories, laid away in soft tissue paper, were brought from the Lexington-street store, and a couple of the girls from the dressmaking department were on hand to aid the final making of a goddess.

  47. And yet, poor lassie, she says there's nothing but the dressmaking for her.

  48. Tell Miss Melville to delay her resolution about the dressmaking till I communicate with Phillips, which I will do by to-day's post.

  49. I shall need eighty cotton and a spool of sixty, if Jacqueline and I are going into the dressmaking business.

  50. But there was no doll's dressmaking that morning, for just then Sallie came briskly through the garden with a message.

  51. All costs of dressmaking and cooking materials are carefully kept and dealt with as arithmetic problems.

  52. There was no dressmaking establishment known to her where she was willing to place so young and pretty and ignorant a girl.

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