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Example sentences for "dressmaker"

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dresser; dressers; dresses; dressing; dressings; dressmakers; dressmaking; dressy; drest; dretful
  1. Her runnin' mate is all in black, and you could tell by the puckered seams and the twisted sleeves that it was an outfit the village dressmaker had done her worst on.

  2. He walked about the shop inspecting the hats with apparent interest while the dressmaker folded and tied up the frock.

  3. I understand you are the most competent dressmaker in Tramworth.

  4. She was a dressmaker by trade, born in 1845, of very poor family.

  5. The analysis furnishes the remarks that she is the best dressmaker and chooses the most beautiful models which show up well and waste little material; she puts on the trimming only where it can be seen.

  6. In reading over this letter to-day I see that this dressmaker really did love me.

  7. Well, then, I found a love-letter from a dressmaker with whom I fell in love at sixteen.

  8. I am sure that nice little dressmaker at Twickenham could make me one exactly like it," turning to Eleanor, as Sarah quits the room.

  9. For when I went to see the dressmaker about makin' me a dress for the occasion, I see she felt just like the rest about it.

  10. Then a dressmaker was to come, and friends were dropping in.

  11. She entertained herself sewing patchwork, a dressmaker sent her bags of silk pieces; knitting baby socks and stockings and reading novels.

  12. Enter the Red Widow in a black, fish-scale gown that calls out the stealthy pencil of every Middle West dressmaker in the house and rapid calculation from the women with a good memory and some fish-scales on a discarded basque.

  13. His wife had a right, after all, to pay her dressmaker in bank-notes if the fancy seized her.

  14. Before very long the Baron also gave advice as to shopping, recommending Herbault for toques and Juliette for hats and bonnets; he added the address of a fashionable dressmaker to supersede Victorine.

  15. The tailor and dressmaker no longer stood in awe of the journalist, and proceeded to extremes; and at last no one, with the exception of the pork-butcher and the druggist, gave the two unlucky children credit.

  16. She has been seamstress to a dressmaker for several years.

  17. See here--I know a lovely dressmaker in Livingston.

  18. Send this to your dressmaker and have a green suit trimmed with bands of gray fur--if it won't be too extravagant.

  19. After that sewing, making skirts for a dressmaker and working at childrens' clothes.

  20. I don't see what that New York dressmaker can be thinking about.

  21. She went to the dressmaker patronized by all the female Harbottles, but the dressmaker made for an old-fashioned duchess, who adhered to the figure of the nineties and refused to be straight-fronted.

  22. The dressmaker also sold hats, and Matilda bought hats for herself and her friend.

  23. The dressmaker also sold opera cloaks, and Matilda bought an opera cloak.

  24. She gave counsel as to trimming, knew of an admirable dressmaker near Hanover Square, "ever so cheap.

  25. Let me have the account, dear, and I'll send your dressmaker a cheque next Saturday.

  26. No one but a Parisian dressmaker could make me presentable; and I have done with Paris dresses.

  27. For months I would be paying so much a week to my dressmaker for the gowns of a play.

  28. The dressmaker came to explain, declaring that it would be better as she had done it, and Anna was so furious that she felt ashamed when she thought of it afterwards.

  29. She was generally a mistress of the art of dressing well without great expense, and before leaving Moscow she had given her dressmaker three dresses to transform.

  30. One can scarcely explain how it happens that this individual, who calls himself "the dressmaker of the queens of Europe," has become the arbiter of Parisian elegance; but it is an undeniable fact that he does reign over fashion.

  31. It was a dressmaker who had come with some clothes suited to my new station in life.

  32. The dressmaker set to work, the shoemaker took her measure, and I told him to bring some slippers.

  33. I took the best of everything and paid, and the dressmaker making her appearance at that moment I gave my address, requesting that various sorts of stuff might be sent at once.

  34. It would be a curious coincidence," I thought, "if that dressmaker should be my aunt, and my valet my cousin!

  35. Henriette asked me if I had any objection to the first dressmaker dining at our table.

  36. I told the dressmaker and her daughter, who had come with her, to follow me and to carry the linen.

  37. In any case, she was having a new dress made, in readiness for the event, and wanted to go to the dressmaker next Friday.

  38. German Court dressmaker who first set going the inappropriate, vulgar, inartistic fashion of trimming frail transparent dress materials with fur).

  39. At any rate, when such occasions were imminent, Mrs. Upjohn was wont to summon the dressmaker to come to her house, and the dressmaker would come promptly and would camp in the house until the siege was over, going home only to sleep.

  40. And the little dressmaker laughed till she cried to think of madame's handsome costume sailing out of the window over the Avenue Haussmann, and lighting like a balloon on the head of some lucky or luckless passer-by.

  41. One morning Madame Le Fort's little dressmaker came rushing in in a very excited way: "Mon Dieu!

  42. She was an accomplished dressmaker and hair-dresser; she moreover had spent some time in the service of a beauty-doctor.

  43. I did not hurry to finish my dinner as I believed Beryl was talking with the dressmaker regarding some alterations to an evening bodice which she had mentioned to me.

  44. They had been busy all day with the maid and the dressmaker from the village, getting their mourning ready.

  45. In the evening, my sister came home without her money: the dressmaker had gone into the country in the afternoon, without paying the girls.

  46. After meditating for some time, she suddenly said, "Marie, I read in the paper this morning of a dressmaker who wanted some one to sew for her.

  47. And this was not all: the dressmaker often did not pay on Saturday nights, because, as she said, people did not pay her punctually; and the poor girls received their wages by six or eight shillings at a time.

  48. Her ruddy cheeks and bright eyes recalled my first impression of her, the little dressmaker running from the workshop to the office, full of her love for M.

  49. And thus I found myself escorted by a small dressmaker and a box of fashions.

  50. The little dressmaker told me that she was engaged to M.

  51. She was blithe as dawn, while the dressmaker was gloomy as night.

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