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advises; adviseth; advising; advisor; advisors; advocacy; advocat; advocate; advocated; advocates
  1. Why, then, was it done by the Advisory Committee?

  2. The meetings of the Advisory Council shall be conducted publicly, but secret meetings may be held at the suggestion of members of the Cabinet or by the majority vote of its quorum.

  3. What the imperial family did was the mere organization of an advisory council.

  4. Such strict stipulations which are not even known in such an advanced country in matters constitutional as England were extorted from the imperial family by the advisory council.

  5. Matters passed by the Advisory Council shall be communicated to the Provisional President for promulgation and execution.

  6. Two days ago I conferred with the Emperor's Advisory Staff, and I learned that grave changes are threatened.

  7. When these facts are realized by His Majesty and the Advisory Council, let us hope they will see the futility of resisting.

  8. Colleges are offering training in scouting as a serious course for prospective officers, and prominent citizens in every part of the country are identifying themselves with the Local Councils, in an advisory and helpful capacity.

  9. This legislature sat to him as a sort of advisory committee of three hundred and fifty: an expensive advisory committee to the people, relic of an obsolete form of government.

  10. Although the Senate was joined to the President as an advisory council in appointments to office, it was explained in "The Federalist" that "there will be no exertion of choice on the part of Senators.

  11. The Advisory Committee of the London County Council Shoreditch Technical Institute[138] recently held an exhaustive inquiry on the subject, and some of the conclusions are so germane to the present question that they merit quotation.

  12. Secondly, they propose that the one-sided training of the workshop should be supplemented by technical classes provided by the education authority and supervised by an advisory committee of representatives of the trade.

  13. It is forming local advisory committees in connection with each Labour Exchange, and is making them practically responsible for the control of the juvenile department.

  14. Having found boys wanting employers and employers wanting boys, it will be the duty of the advisory committee to bring the two parties together.

  15. It will also be the duty of the Central Advisory Committee to advise generally on questions affecting the employment of juveniles.

  16. This Advisory Committee contains representatives of the chief woodwork industries of the district.

  17. Collective bargaining must be done for them, and the advisory committee must be its instrument.

  18. The duty of this Central Committee is to advise the Board of Trade as to the appointment of the local Advisory Committees, which will be formed to control the juvenile department in connection with each of the London Labour Exchanges.

  19. There is a danger into which the advisory committee may easily fall.

  20. Already, under existing conditions, employers and representatives of the trade have been found willing to form advisory committees to visit the schools, criticize the teaching, and make suggestions for increasing its value.

  21. The advisory committee of the Labour Exchange will advise him in the choice of employment, assist him to obtain it, and generally watch over his career.

  22. It determined to appoint Advisory Committees to deal with juveniles.

  23. They received the applications of matrons, sisters and nurses willing to join, looked after their references and submitted them, after approval by the Local Committee, to the Advisory Council.

  24. This scheme was approved and an Advisory Council appointed at the War Office.

  25. Her sister, a busy proper advisory soul, older than herself, had become a stranger to her even when they lived in the same house.

  26. She was seventy years old, and sexless, and more advisory than Vida Sherwin.

  27. In practice the council is more of an advisory body to the State Council than it is a supreme body even though it oversees the day-to-day functioning of the government.

  28. They are also assisted by various advisory committees.

  29. Congress, as a mere advisory body, could only recommend to the various states the measures of taxation which were deemed necessary for the support of the army.

  30. It was felt that the Congress, as a mere advisory body, had no right to take a step of such supreme importance without first receiving explicit instructions from every one of the colonies.

  31. And last, but not least, the man from the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was a very famous aerodynamicist and of such professional stature that if he said the lights weren't airplanes they weren't.

  32. In addition I gave my briefings at National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics laboratories, at Air Research and Development centers, at Office of Naval Research facilities and at the Air Force University.

  33. To get the answer I contacted National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics Laboratory at Langley AFB, a government agency which specializes in aeronautical research.

  34. DAVIS, Advisory Counsel for the State of Rhode Island.

  35. An Advisory and Organizing Committee was appointed, consisting of women from each State and Territory within the national line.

  36. I am a member of the advisory staff of the general counsel of the President's Commission.

  37. I am on a retainer with the company in an advisory capacity.

  38. I am a member of the advisory staff of the General Counsel of the President's Commission.

  39. Hubert, and I am a member of the advisory staff of the general counsel on the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy.

  40. There shall be appointed by the President of the Exposition Company an Advisory Board of seven persons, the chairman to be named by the President, who shall meet at the call of the Director of Congresses, or the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

  41. That the Directors of the World's Fair be requested to change the name of this Board from the "Advisory Board" to the "Administrative Board of the International Congress of Arts and Science.

  42. The expenses of the members of the Advisory Board while on business of the Exposition shall be a charge against the funds of the Exposition Company.

  43. The plan adopted was based upon the idea of an advisory board composed of men of high literary and scientific standing who should consider and recommend the kind of congress most worthy of promotion, and the details of its development.

  44. When we received this OMV asking for an advisory opinion on Mrs. Oswald's visa application, we already knew that the Passport Office had approved her husband's citizenship.

  45. This would eliminate the cost of its maintenance, and also keep the legislative or advisory power more closely concentrated in Havana, where the Captain-General could keep a watchful eye on proceedings.

  46. Rome, magister generalis, is elected to office for life at the general chapter held annually at Pentecost, and he nominates his own socii as advisory assistants.

  47. The government of the provinces is conducted by a provincial chosen every four years by the provincial chapter, assisted by four advisory definitores, and each cloister elects its own prior.

  48. I was made chairman of the embassy committee of which Ambassador Page was honorary chairman, and the American ambassadors to France, Germany, Austria, and the ministers to Holland and Belgium were made advisory members.

  49. A committee on organization and a committee on rules were appointed, and it was decided that an advisory committee of fifteen members was to have headquarters in Washington.

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