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  1. Some of the tenants were behind in their rents and, being unable to pay, were threatened with eviction unless they settled on or before a certain date.

  2. The reader may remember the monitor of the school in which Mat was a pupil when the eviction of the widow Cunningham took place.

  3. At once the pause which had come in the work of eviction was broken, the plague raged immediately with a fierceness that seemed to have gained more hellish energy and more devilish cruelty from its temporary abatement.

  4. Michael Davitt was born in a Mayo peasant's cabin, his earliest memory the eviction which drove him and his adrift on the world.

  5. Allow me to remind you, Mr. Wendover, that there are other matters than eviction capable of provoking an outcry.

  6. Often have I heard her tell the story of the eviction of the Indians from San Pasqual, as described in Ramona, and the struggle her people had for the necessities of life after that disastrous event.

  7. The magistrates never hesitated when the opportunity presented to grant an eviction order.

  8. I trust that the cruel eviction business will soon become a thing of the past.

  9. The eviction of the Mormons from Illinois and other states, even though they were despised, would seem to have been as lawless and barbarous as has been the expulsion of Jews from Russia or Huguenots from France.

  10. Recrimination, robbery, riot, and organized resistance by both parties in this war continued until the final eviction of the Mormons from the state.

  11. This obligation makes the landlord responsible for any lawful eviction of the tenant during the term, but not for wrongful eviction unless he is himself the wrong-doer or has expressly made himself responsible for evictions of all kinds.

  12. When arrest or eviction comes, and the madame is sent to jail or dispossessed, the real proprietor again sub-lets his house to another woman.

  13. This was said to be the usual plan when the police made an arrest or issued an eviction notice.

  14. Each Native regarded this unusual occurrence as the signal for their impending eviction and thought that day would see their last transaction with their old master and landlord.

  15. This visitation was not confined to Kgobadi's stock, Mrs. Kgobadi carried a sick baby when the eviction took place, and she had to transfer her darling from the cottage to the jolting ox-wagon in which they left the farm.

  16. A process of eviction was served, the tenant and his family would be pitched out into the road, and the cottage be leveled to the ground.

  17. A mechanical genius, who was a landlord and had a great deal of eviction to do, invented a machine to facilitate the process.

  18. We saw fields that had been reclaimed from the original state, had been made productive, and had been the cause of the eviction of the holder because he could not pay the rent which the improvements brought upon him.

  19. I was present at an eviction near Skibbereen.

  20. The distress of the evicted tenant--eviction by reason of exorbitant rent is as certain as eviction for non-payment--is nothing to them.

  21. The decree was enforced by the whole body, who started up in mass, at the mandate of the court, and execution and eviction was as sudden, and irresistible as the judgment.

  22. Following the successful eviction of the French in the French and Indian War, the American counterpart of the Seven Years' War, the crown sought a more orderly westward advance than had been the rule.

  23. Healy, then Parnell's secretary, had been arrested for a speech in denunciation of some eviction proceedings.

  24. Renewed struggle against rent led to new eviction scenes on the grand scale; and by this time landlord opinion was half converted to the purchase policy, as a necessary solution.

  25. It afterwards became an organization of tennant farmers banded together to prevent eviction by landlords.

  26. Eviction increased, since, the forty-shilling freehold franchise having been abolished, the landlord cared no longer to multiply holdings for the sake of votes.

  27. In the form of eviction it has lasted to the present hour; and eviction in Ireland is not like eviction in England, where great manufacturing cities receive and employ the evicted; it is starvation or exile.

  28. Would not the destruction of cottages, the eviction of their inhabitants, and the waste of life throughout Ireland, at once be terminated, could man be made as valuable there as he is here?

  29. This involved the eviction of the tenants who had been engaged in cultivating these fields and the amalgamation of many holdings of arable to form a few large enclosures for sheep.

  30. Lord Macdonald had no instructions to give, but referred the Sheriff to Mr. Cooper, his factor, whose answer was that the whole population of Sollas would be subject to eviction if they did not at once agree to emigrate.

  31. On the following day the charge is dated, and two days after, on the 27th of January, the eviction is complete.

  32. They became very comfortable in their new homes; but about fifteen years after their eviction from Strathglass they were again removed to make room for deer.

  33. After this most cruel eviction no provision was made for the helpless woman, but she was allowed to get shelter elsewhere or anywhere, as best she could.

  34. His whole conduct appeared so cruelly tyrannical that most people expected him to relent before the day of eviction arrived.

  35. In this line of thought we are sorry to note that men have more faith than reason; hence the blunderings of prophetic writers, and the leaders of Adventism and Millenarianism.

  36. We can discern Spring-time, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

  37. Were people, then, to know nothing of the real cause of the revolt--nothing of the Tryst eviction, the threatened eviction of the Gaunts?

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