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Example sentences for "feverishly"

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feux; fever; fevered; feverfew; feverish; feverishness; feverous; fevers; few; fewe
  1. And I strove feverishly to catch sight of her, following the voice as it swept around in circles; and seeing nothing, I burst into tears.

  2. Then she drew back and gazed at me, seeking to read in my eyes some emotion responsive to her own, and her eyes, red and swollen and feverishly bright, questioned me more clearly than her words.

  3. I hunted feverishly in my memory as the light died away from the windows, and the towers of St. Stephen's gradually lost the glowing aureole conferred on them by the setting sun.

  4. We were given no time-limit, but sat feverishly silent in different corners of the room, writing as hard as we could.

  5. Grab Killed in Committee--which she had been feverishly trying to translate into her own language.

  6. They threw themselves down heavily in the burnt grass at the edge of the lake and drank greedily, feverishly until they could drink no more.

  7. He tried to stop the flow of money as he got feverishly into the saddle.

  8. But shortly after there were twenty, thirty, fifty of the folk from Colin, feverishly searching the ship and incredulously reporting what they found.

  9. He'd been working feverishly at the minor repairs he'd been unable to make for so long.

  10. His assistants were already feverishly busy with their loading, while he stood and proudly patted his cannon, very much as if it deserved praise and could appreciate his approval.

  11. Every sail she could spread was in its place, and her breathless crew watched their canvas feverishly as she sped toward the channel at the harbor mouth.

  12. The hurling of the bomb, whether done by a secret emissary, or by a sympathizer with labor, proved the lever which the propertied classes had been feverishly awaiting.

  13. Their representatives in Congress feverishly strained themselves to the utmost to bring about the construction of a trans-continental railroad passing through the Southwest.

  14. In the black night, one window flamed out, feverishly alive against a distant tenement.

  15. In another ten minutes he was feverishly at work, while Inga, at her pad, strove in vain to catch the spirit of the pose--yet thoroughly content.

  16. No need to hurry oneself this hot weather," the engine appeared to be saying, comfortably, while Claud was feverishly thinking how much hung on every moment.

  17. In reply, she wrote guarded little notes (that were read to him by his nurse), making small mention of her own injuries but seeming feverishly anxious concerning his sight.

  18. She jumped up, searched feverishly for a cloak to put on, and pulling the stewardess with her, hurried on deck.

  19. No sooner would Martin disappear with horse and plow in the direction of the garden than the three sisters could be seen feverishly dragging mattresses on to the piazza roof for a sunning; shaking blankets; and beating rugs.

  20. What wonder that her aged fingers trembled as she tore open the envelope of the message and spread the snowy paper feverishly on the table?

  21. As he feverishly worked alongside the other two scouts, Hugh had expected at any second to uncover the white face of the aeronaut, lying there where he might have fainted at receiving such hard treatment.

  22. Billy fidgeted in his seat, and every time a new exploit was described he would feverishly count up the points in that long string seen upon the elevated blackboard, holding tight to his chair and struggling between hope and fear.

  23. He grew feverishly impatient to see Mark and put his plan into action--there must be time yet, Caffyn could not have been such a villain as to open Mabel's eyes to the real case!

  24. At first he had been feverishly anxious to get a book out which should be legitimately his own as soon as possible, but now, when the time had come, he hung back.

  25. As we waited feverishly for the first nerve-racking part of the journey to be over, we spoke of the hopes and dangers of the great adventure upon which we were finally embarked.

  26. I read and re-read this entry and searched feverishly in Armstadt's diary for further evidence of a personal life.

  27. Dusty Star ran quickly into the tepee and began feverishly to try to unfasten the thong which bound him, while the screaming of the women, and the yelping of the huskies continued.

  28. The camp of Dusty Star's people was feverishly astir.

  29. All Europe and all America are feverishly scrambling for money.

  30. Back on the Platform, members of the crew feverishly made their own computations.

  31. They were not the only ones who worked feverishly for the glory of having helped to build the Earth's first artificial moon, but they had accomplished more than most.

  32. He began feverishly to work the computer which in turn would swing the tight-beam transmitter to the target the computer worked out, He threw a switch and said sharply, "Calling Space Platform!

  33. He had grown more and more interested as Marlowe went on, and was now playing feverishly with his thin beard.

  34. Until then, I had been eyeing the gerbil cage feverishly as the discussion raged behind me.

  35. However dangerous the woman's wiles and slanders, an interview with her could do no harm, and might set at rest a curiosity long lurking, now feverishly stimulated.

  36. Oh, but to lie through those terrible small hours, her brain feverishly active, compelling her to live again in the scenes and the emotions she most desired to forget!

  37. While he spoke, and in the interval before answering him, Macalister's mind was running feverishly over the quickest and surest plan of action.

  38. Lorry feverishly tapped his knuckles on the panel of the door and waited with motionless heart for the response.

  39. She tears the paper open, and feverishly reads.

  40. Now, while Jack and Billy were feverishly eager, he was cool and clear-headed, leaving the leadership to Billy still, yet doing more than his share of the work in preparing for the hard night ahead of them.

  41. With head sunk on her breast and feverishly twitching hands she followed for half an hour.

  42. With a gesture that revealed the shop-walker, he led Syme down a short, iron-bound passage, the still agonised Gregory following feverishly at their heels.

  43. They all moved feverishly in their seats, except Syme.

  44. How strange the girl looks, with cheeks so white and lips so feverishly red!

  45. She stood as if rooted to the spot, pale, mute, searching feverishly for some consolation for him.

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