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Example sentences for "fevered"

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feuilleton; feus; feutred; feux; fever; feverfew; feverish; feverishly; feverishness; feverous
  1. And fevered transports and deep terrors-- all serves his tragic will to make young again the blood of beauty in the veins of the world.

  2. He felt that he must rid his fevered brain of their importunity, but he had begun to give expression to only one, The Woman of Stone, when death broke the magic pen.

  3. These ideas were tormenting my imagination one wakeful, fevered night, when I saw the curtains of my alcove part and in the opening appeared a woman.

  4. About eleven o'clock a torrent of rain fell, drenching the living, and cooling the fevered brows of the wounded.

  5. She cooled the fevered brow, she bound up the broken limb, she whispered words of consolation into the ear of the dying, and wiped the death damp from the marble brow.

  6. He appeared at Dupont Circle two or three times a day, always fevered with delighted hope, always with some anecdote to relate which prognosticated ultimate triumph.

  7. He knew what he was dealing with, and saw the fevered cupidity and fear in the little, shifting eyes.

  8. He spoke gently, thinking of his own lot, and the hard way through which he had come to his almost fevered championship of whatever was maimed or hurt.

  9. The maid told him Miss Electra had gone out; but though he waited in a fevered and almost an angry impatience, she did not return.

  10. But that early morning panic had left its mark, had slightly fevered the will of one who had always had his own way.

  11. She rambled over the park and cooled her fevered head and hands in the water that dripped from the tresses of the marble Aphrodite.

  12. She left the door ajar and began bathing his fevered head in cool water.

  13. Mr. Norton knelt down by the couch and made slow, soothing motions with his hand upon the hot and fevered head, until the sick man sank again into slumber.

  14. So the old man had taken down his broad claymore from the wall, and the old woman had seized a lance, and they stood one on each side of their guest, grasping their weapons with fevered zeal.

  15. Here comes no sound or sight of fevered things.

  16. After that fevered night Lennan went to his studio at the usual hour and naturally did not do a stroke of work.

  17. And the fevered aching began again--worse than ever--the moment he lost sight of her.

  18. And surely his face, to anyone who could have seen him being conveyed to Piccadilly, would have suggested a fevered invalid rather than a healthy, middle-aged sculptor in a cab.

  19. The fevered brain was groping back past the St. Michael days, groping in strange, distant places, but never finding anything definite.

  20. He went to the Plains of Abraham and stood spellbound while the past and present flayed his fevered imagination.

  21. Then I knew that there was rest On the mountain's bosom free; So I left my fevered couch, And I flew to waken thee!

  22. Thimble, when he awoke, was fevered and aching.

  23. But a crisp step on the stairs brought the death spot hot and quick to his fevered cheeks, and there entered a man.

  24. Well, Tagalash was seen and felt and had speech of by one who told it afterwards with white lips and fevered eyes that compelled belief.

  25. Some were released from their sufferings by blessed insanity, until their parched and fevered lips, their hollow and glittering eyes, were forever closed by the angel of death.

  26. In Albemarle, in Virginia, in the country at large, the time was one of excitement, fevered labour, and no mean reward.

  27. The sights and the sounds of the past hours were still in mind, but all the air had changed, and was no longer fevered and boding.

  28. Would he the fevered moons pursue, Not rather with the spring delay, Crowned with its leaf?

  29. Steven stood by the couch, palpitating to the words, to the golden visions they opened before his fevered eyes.

  30. So she departed, but I forgot not her words, and dwelt upon them, and grew fevered with them, and drooped.

  31. In certain moods, particularly melancholy moods, when the spirit was fevered by dissatisfaction or sorrow, its appeal was irresistible; it came flying out of the silence, like an angel bearing a vial of fragrant blessings.

  32. The motherly voice that had calmed the wildest fantasies of her fevered brain spoke now to her with tenderest encouragement; the love that surrounded her drew her, uplifted her, sustained her.

  33. The sweetness of her nature began to assert itself once more, and an almost fevered determination to live in the present, to be happy while she could, entered into her.

  34. Dinah raced breathless to her room, and began a fevered toilet.

  35. He rose, oppressed and fevered with the new thoughts that raged within him, and threw open his casement for air.

  36. Your mind is fevered by a desire for truth: you would compel it to your embraces; you would ask me to impart to you, without ordeal or preparation, the grandest secrets that exist in Nature.

  37. This is the stage for the tragedy: the armored might of the modern world urged by the bloody needs of the world wants, fevered today by a fabulous vision of gain and needing only hands, hands, hands!

  38. One hears the hiss of lightnings, the deep thunder of human things, and a fevered breathing as of some attendant and invincible Powers.

  39. Sir Gordon turned upon him with a calm look of disgust and contempt, which at another time would have made him quail; but, fevered with brandy as he was, the effect was to make him more beside himself.

  40. The fevered dream was at an end, and she had slept long, to wake now with that pleasurable sensation upon her that is given to the sick when an attack is at an end, and nature is tenderly repairing the damages of the assault.

  41. I was very lightly clad, my feet and dress were very wet, I had only a little shawl to throw round me, and the cold autumn wind had already come, and the night mist was to fall on me, all fevered and exhausted as I was.

  42. With what readiness they listened to wise counsel and the hopes of the Pope that they would give no advantage to his enemies at a time when they were so fevered by the knowledge that conspiracy was at work in their midst!

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