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Example sentences for "gladdened"

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glad; gladd; gladde; gladded; gladden; gladdening; gladdens; gladder; gladdest; glade
  1. I therefore earnestly beseech you, that as these brothers of the Temple have hitherto been blessed with the love of God, so now they may be gladdened and sustained by our love and favour.

  2. Be assured that while my poor words cannot adequately express it, my heart will always throb with gratitude for the tokens of good will with which you have so honored and gladdened me.

  3. The Geography of the Sea," was stationed in the old Naval Observatory and preparing those charts of the ocean which so gladdened the hearts of mariners, quite unconscious meanwhile of the sensational career which awaited him.

  4. The revival of Delphi gladdened the heart of Plutarch as a sign of reviving religion and Hellenism.

  5. FN#565] And the youth was gladdened by the good omen of the Shaykh's words.

  6. So they ascended and sat together, each beside other, and they sported and were gladdened and rejoiced; and after that the Captain lay down and was presently drowned in slumber.

  7. Yusuf and Ibrahim, hearing her words, were gladdened with excessive gladness and cried to the ninth handmaid, "May the lord be copious to thee like the fruitful years!

  8. So I was gladdened by the sight and dismounted and unbridled my steed whom I allowed to browse the while I ate of the fruits, and presently I fell to roaming about from site to site.

  9. It was one of those evenings of surpassing loveliness, such as gladdened our hearts only at long intervals.

  10. At Smithville we fell in with the First corps, which was moving towards Hagerstown, and the hearts of the men were gladdened by the sight of the old familiar flags of the Army of the Potomac.

  11. He started for the mountains with gladdened limbs, taking a guide, who gave his name as Lorenzo, and talked of having been 'out' in the previous year.

  12. One morning Vittoria was gladdened by a letter from Rocco Ricci, who had fled to Turin.

  13. Giacinta looked till she could bear it no longer; she kissed the cheek, and crooned over it, gladdened by a sense of jealous possession when she thought of the adored thing her mistress had been overnight.

  14. The travellers followed, with gladdened hearts, but at a snail's pace; for their poor horses could scarcely drag one leg after the other.

  15. It was a beautiful sunset, and a sight of the glowing rays, mantling the tree-tops and rustling branches, gladdened every heart.

  16. Our client" had stopped at this oasis in the desert he was crossing, for he had often paused to look up at the golden head at the upper window, gazed at it awhile, and then passed on, refreshed and gladdened in heart.

  17. He had never dreamed that one could be so gladdened by just loving some one.

  18. All that Glory Goldie had told her mother should have gladdened her, but instead it only made her feel the more depressed.

  19. To wisdom I hearkened; for there the wise father Cast the seed of his learning abroad o'er the hall, Till men's faces darkened, but mine gladdened rather With the thought of the knowledge I knew over all.

  20. But on the eleventh of February there came a sudden change in the weather that gladdened the hearts of the would-be coasters.

  21. It was a scene of wintry splendor that gladdened the heart to look upon.

  22. She tells herself this lie without a blush, perhaps because she is so pale at the bare thought that her eyes may never again be gladdened by his presence, that the blood refuses to rise.

  23. He might have invoked Jack Robinson a score of times had he so wished, he might even have gone for a very respectable walk, before his eyes are again gladdened by a sight of Mona.

  24. It bore a conceit that, at the first glance, might have gladdened the heart of a naturalist, with the belief that he had made the discovery of some unknown bird.

  25. The heart of my brother Reuben will be gladdened by these tidings, when he shall return from the scout.

  26. Let our gladdened ear Catch the pale prisoner's welcome, as the light Follows thy axe-stroke, through his cell of night.

  27. May that spirit be gladdened in its present sphere by the increased zeal and faithfulness of the friends he has left behind.

  28. It gladdened my very heart to see it, and I shall think the better of Tuscan promptitude and accuracy for so quickly bringing it back to me.

  29. But the reason why He desires, most of all, that the light of His character may pour into every heart is because He would have every heart gladdened and blessed for ever by that received and believed light.

  30. Then sudden rumour ran abroad amid the Trojan band, That now the day was come about their fateful walls to raise; So eagerly they dight the feast, gladdened by omen's grace, And bring the beakers forth thereto and garland well the wine.

  31. But gladdened with this Argive helm content the third shall wend.

  32. So gladdened Juno's heart was turned, and yea-saying she bowed, And so departed from the sky and left her watching-cloud.

  33. A seat had been placed by the side of the one intended for Toby for the accommodation of Mr. Stubbs, who suffered a napkin to be tied under his chin, and behaved generally in a manner that gladdened the heart of his young master.

  34. That wink, distorted as it was, gladdened Toby's heart immensely, and took away nearly all the sting of the scolding with which Uncle Daniel greeted him when he reached home.

  35. He would peep through cottage windows--nay, he would go into the cottages, where he was always welcome, and would furnish himself with proofs of domestic happiness which never gladdened his heart in his own home.

  36. It gladdened me to observe that my wife, who had for a little while been reserved towards M.

  37. It gladdened me also to think that her child was a comfort to her in this grave crisis.

  38. At the first landing on the staircase she came to a window by which the sun streamed in brilliantly: the rays gladdened her.

  39. The bitter coldness of the day gladdened the girls now that they knew the old man would go away well wrapped up.

  40. She was walking in the garden long before breakfast-time, and gladdened to rapture as she watched the sun gain power, till it streamed gloriously athwart cloudless blue.

  41. So she had yielded to the needs of her heart, and only this morning was gladdened by the charm of some new clothing which became her well, and which Waymark would see in a day or two.

  42. It was one of those bright afternoons in the latter part of autumn, when the sun shines forth with almost summer-like warmth, and the heart is gladdened with the departing beauty of nature.

  43. When the June sunshine gladdened the Sacramento Valley, three little barefooted girls walked here and there among the houses and tents of Sutter's Fort.

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