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Example sentences for "gladdening"

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gladd; gladde; gladded; gladden; gladdened; gladdens; gladder; gladdest; glade; glades
  1. All this, by Vulcan on the shield designed, He sees, and, gladdening at the gift divine, Upbears aloft the fame and fortunes of his line.

  2. Proud stalks the phantom, gladdening in the van, With darts provokes him, and with words defies.

  3. Then shoreward sends beeves twenty to the rest, A hundred boars, of broad and bristly chine, A hundred lambs and ewes and gladdening gifts of wine.

  4. Cheered by the mighty omen and the sign, They spread the feast, and each with other vies To range the goblets and to wreath the wine, And gladdening hearts rejoice to greet the day divine.

  5. Around, with shouts of triumph, crowd his friends, Whom thus the Dardan chief with gladdening words commends: III.

  6. Upsoars the gladdening Nymph, and seeks the Olympian skies.

  7. They bound along the main, And soon with gladdening hearts the well-known shore attain.

  8. When we buffet with a baffling tempest, how gladdening is the glimmer even of a lamp seen through the drift, telling us of comfort and of home!

  9. And how much more gladdening that Word of God which irradiates the path of a believer, a pillar of cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night!

  10. If o'er us shine A gladdening and a prosperous sun, This prayer shall make it more divine:-- Thy will be done!

  11. That one gladdening report of thee would add ten years to my life!

  12. From one fountain come both the gladdening raptures and the gladdening lusts of the passions.

  13. She exhaled happiness and love from the time Nicholas returned, and the faithful, unalterable love of this girl had a gladdening effect on him.

  14. The southern spring, the comfortable rapid traveling in a Vienna carriage, and the solitude of the road, all had a gladdening effect on Pierre.

  15. Which vent without in other channel found; And issued forth in many a stream, to lave A mead of azure, white, and yellow hue; Gladdening the plants that on their margins grew.

  16. LXI Him helm and shield he gives alike to bear, As to a valet; hence proceeds the peer, Gladdening the fearful pilgrim every where, Who joys to think, henceforth his way is clear.

  17. Never, however, have I wholly ceased to regret the loss of the Elzevir, for an Elzevir is to me one of the most gladdening sights human eye can rest upon.

  18. Down the sloping banks to the marsh of the Styx the poets went, past the sullen and angry, who in life refused the comfort of the sweet air and gladdening sun, and were in consequence doomed forever to remain buried in the sullen mire.

  19. There shall be deeper hues upon her plains Than all her sunlight rains, And every gladdening influence around Can summon from the ground.

  20. And as the gladdening sun lights up the morn, Bidding the storm depart, So may the Sun of Righteousness adorn, With love, my shadowed heart.

  21. Few discoveries are so welcome and gladdening to the soul.

  22. Then the mighty-armed Bhima, piercing Kritavarman with three shafts, blew his conch, gladdening all the Pandavas.

  23. And as if for gladdening the cannibals, on that occasion foreboding a great accession of population to the domain of Yama, the animals (on the field) began to eject urine and excreta, and utter loud cries of woe.

  24. And diverse kinds of sounds due to the shooting of arrows, and many leonine shouts, arose there, gladdening the unretreating son of Arjuna.

  25. Gladdening his troops thus, he then repeatedly roared like a lion.

  26. Hearing these words, the invincible Krishna smiled, and gladdening him with auspicious speeches, conveyed Arjuna to those places whither the latter desired to go.

  27. And an auspicious breeze, fraught with fragrance, blew from behind Partha, gladdening him and sucking up the energies of his foes.

  28. Satyaki of true prowess, sporting before the preceptor and those mighty car-warriors and gladdening me and the twins and Bhima and king Yudhishthira.

  29. And his blazing and large and tall standard bearing the advice of the elephant's rope, shone with an effulgence like that of the Sun, gladdening his own divisions.

  30. For grieving his foes and gladdening his friends, the son of Pandu, by shooting his shafts repeatedly at it, sent that head outside the limits of Samantapanchaka.

  31. See, in the valley greens the gracious spring; The warbling bird is gladdening the leaves!

  32. Clear and melodious as the far-off "Ranz des Vaches" it broke upon the stillness, gladdening all our hearts.

  33. He knew how profitable and how gladdening his coming would be to the Philippian believers.

  34. Work still lay before him in the line of training and cheering these believing friends, furthering and gladdening their faith.

  35. In this way a sustaining and gladdening experience for the Philippian Christians would be provided; and, at the same time, Paul too (I also, ver.

  36. It is not needful that we should judge more hardly of life on earth; but we might attain a far more gladdening appreciation of what it must be to be with Christ.

  37. You streamed into my soul, banishing its mists, and gladdening it to its depths with summer light.

  38. Angels are seated in the vacant tomb to verify with their gladdening assurance His own Bethany oracle, "The Lord has risen.

  39. From His lips will proceed the gladdening welcome--"Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!

  40. While his Lord will be there, waiting to welcome him, there will be others ready with their presence to enhance the bliss of that gladdening restoration.

  41. He had no suspicion whatever of the trick played him, and ordered his men to ride on, gladdening the hearts of the stalwart brothers by his departure.

  42. But the gladdening influence of the sunshine that gilded its towers, spires, and pinnacles could not dispel the gloom hanging over the devoted city.

  43. There Gandharvas and Yakshas and Apsaras live (gladdening all the denizens with enchanting dances and music).

  44. He that is the form of the Sun or the Moon and as such, the rays of light emanating from those luminaries and gladdening all creatures, are the hairs on His head.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gladdening" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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