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  1. It rises in the mountainous district known as the Pyreneos; but its more ambitious western affluent, the Araguay, has its extreme southern headwaters on the slopes of the Serra Cayapo, and flows a distance of 1080 m.

  2. Both of these streams have their headwaters almost in contact with those of the river Paraguay.

  3. Its main affluent is the Uaupes, which disputes with the headwaters of the Guaviari branch of the Orinoco the drainage of the eastern slope of the ``Oriental', Andes of Colombia.

  4. It has a pleasant undulating site near the headwaters of the river Wey.

  5. From the north it is joined by the river Coca, having its sources in the gorges of Cayambe on the equator, and also a powerful river, the Aguarico, having its headwaters between Cayambe and the Colombian frontier.

  6. My companion and I had gone farther afield, to the headwaters of Caragh itself, right up into the great ring of mountains through which the pass of Bealachbeama lets you out to the Kenmare side.

  7. Or you can fish free of charge at Lough Acoose at the headwaters of Caraghbeg, in under the flank of Carrantuohil, with better prospect of a full basket than anywhere else known to me.

  8. Headwaters of the Cowiche and Wenas--good roads and scenery.

  9. Branching off from the Pacific Highway at Renton, it rises northeastward to the headwaters of the Snoqualmie River.

  10. Descending, the road leads southeast along the headwaters of the Yakima, and skirts the eastern banks of beautiful Lake Keechelus, where the government is building a huge dam for storing water to irrigate the Kittitas and Yakima valleys.

  11. He heard of permanent trading posts on the south side of Lake Superior and at the headwaters of the St. Croix River; and he saw at Lower Red Cedar Lake, Sandy Lake, and Leech Lake the rude stockades and log buildings which were called forts.

  12. It was for the "upper country" that this fort was built--a country stretching from the Great Lakes across the wooded headwaters of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers to the plains of the Missouri.

  13. Probably a whole band of Indians would come down from the headwaters of the Minnesota River.

  14. Mendota was the headquarters of a vast region which extended from the Mississippi to the headwaters of the streams flowing into the Missouri.

  15. There were two main groups--one which came down from the headwaters of the Mississippi, and the other which came up the river from the vicinity of the St. Croix.

  16. Don't you know that the Big Creek headwaters are off the map?

  17. By the middle of the forenoon they were well up in the headwaters of the two creeks they were to work.

  18. Another, distinguished as New Keowee, was on the headwaters of Twelve-mile creek, in Pickens county, South Carolina.

  19. As early as 1748 Dr Thomas Walker, with a company of hunters and woodsmen from Virginia, crossed the mountains to the southwest, discovering and naming the celebrated Cumberland gap and passing on to the headwaters of Cumberland river.

  20. Their principal towns were upon the headwaters of the Savannah, Hiwassee, and Tuckasegee, and along the whole length of the Little Tennessee to its junction with the main stream.

  21. About the year 1740 a trading path for horsemen was marked out by the Cherokee from the new settlement of Augusta, in Georgia, to their towns on the headwaters of Savannah river and thence on to the west.

  22. Of all the towns west of the mountains only Talassee, and one or two about Chickamauga or on the headwaters of the Coosa, escaped.

  23. Qualatchee--a former Cherokee settlement on the headwaters of the Chattahoochee river in Georgia; another of the same name was upon the waters of Keowee river in South Carolina.

  24. In the next year, 1671, a party from Virginia under Thomas Batts explored the northern branch of Roanoke river and crossed over the Blue ridge to the headwaters of New river, where they found traces of occupancy, but no Indians.

  25. We selected Anderson Valley, on the headwaters of the Novarro River, not so much for its wildness as because it was the most accessible spot unfrequented by the tourist.

  26. Its feline etymology is probably owing to the fact that as many wild cats rendezvous about its headwaters as are congregated within the same limits in any place on these mountain-slopes.

  27. A year ago, an enthusiastic friend found the headwaters of the Butano, just over the ridge, toward the coast.

  28. Reversal in this case, however, occurred in a very early stage in the development of the drainage, as the result of the capture of the headwaters of the Still by a small tributary of the Housatonic.

  29. The divide which separates the present headwaters of the Umpog from those of the Saugatuck is a till-covered swampy flat about one-quarter mile east of Todd Pond.

  30. The headwaters of the Still mingle with those of the Croton system, and its chief southern branch, the Umpog, is interlaced with the sources of the Saugatuck on a divide marked by glacial drift and swamps.

  31. The old headwaters extended northwest from the turn in the river near Bull's Bridge, whereas that part of the river above Bull's Bridge was initially a minor tributary.

  32. The stream flowing westward from this divide formed the headwaters of one branch of the Croton system.

  33. The latter stream was later reversed by a glacial dam at the southern end, or by glacial scouring at the northern end of its valley which removed the divide between its headwaters and the Housatonic.

  34. You see, too, the section is at the headwaters of the Des Chutes and I want to secure the water rights to these falls.

  35. It was impossible to take up the return tramp to the headwaters so soon, but Laramie would give him some sort of bed and supper, and in the morning it might not be too late.

  36. It appears on the headwaters of several streams which flow into the Mackenzie or Hudson bay.

  37. Typical development of the species occurs on the headwaters of the Savannah river in South Carolina.

  38. Balm of Gilead is a native of the North from the Atlantic to the Pacific, but its finest growth is about the headwaters of the Mackenzie river, on Peace and Laird rivers, and the lower valley of the Athabaska.

  39. Extending its graded course upstream by cutting away barrier after barrier, it comes to have a widened and mature valley over its lower course, while its young headwaters are still busily eroding their beds.

  40. At Flims, in Switzerland, a prehistoric landslip flung a dam eighteen hundred feet high across the headwaters of the Rhine.

  41. At Gohna, India, in 1893, the face of a spur four thousand feet high, of the lower ranges of the Himalayas, slipped into the gorge of the headwaters of the Ganges River in successive rock falls which lasted for three days.

  42. As a generic it would be applicable to the headwaters of any small stream, or place of low water, and may be met in several places.

  43. Supposed to have been the springs which make the headwaters of Nissequogue river at the locality now bearing the name of Hauppauge, a hamlet.

  44. It is certain that that tribe held the headwaters of the Connecticut as well as of the Hudson.

  45. James Clinton, whose force, consisting of 1,600 men, was gathered at Canajoharie, and proceeded down the headwaters of the Susquehanna.

  46. The State Conservation Commission regard it of the utmost importance that the State forest reserve, located about the headwaters of the more important streams of the State, be greatly extended.

  47. Whenever the Federal Government protects the headwaters and the water-shed on which the stream depends, it is conferring a direct benefit upon the owners of water-power property along the line; and so with all the other improvements.

  48. The farmer on the headwaters of a stream cannot be expected to do these things in order to aid in the prevention of flood damages below him.

  49. Applause) Each farmer, especially along the headwaters of the streams, can contribute to a greater or less extent to stream conservation.

  50. They began at the headwaters of the tributaries and built great dams to hold up the water to an amount suitable for the growing of crops, something like twenty inches or more; and they built on down to the mouth of the Po.

  51. The Yellowstone River, one of the headwaters of the Missouri, rises in the National Park, and its fertile valley is among the leading pasturages of Montana.

  52. General Washington was the first to project a chain of internal improvements across the mountains, by the route of the Potomac to Cumberland, then a Maryland frontier fort, and thence by roads to the headwaters of the Ohio.

  53. We find him with fifty men, pushing up quite to the headwaters of the Missouri River, and later he and some companions turn up along the historic Yellowstone River, a country then well known in the organized fur trade of St. Louis.

  54. Witness Washington's forgotten canal from the headwaters of the James River--a canal whose beginning or end would puzzle the average American of to-day to define without special study.

  55. Boone's first trip across the mountains, to the headwaters of the Holston, was in 1761.

  56. We see that, before Carson or Walker or Smith, the courses and headwaters of the Yellowstone and the Missouri and the Columbia rivers were all very well known.

  57. We may therefore discover that neither the Missouri nor the Platte could have been called the accepted highway into the lower West at the time Lieutenant Pike set out to find the headwaters of the Red River.

  58. The men of Kentucky and Tennessee having reached the headwaters of the Kentucky, the Tennessee, the Holston or kindred riverways, moved out into their promised land along paths, as it were, foreordained.

  59. The West, as viewed from the headwaters of the Green River, lay still farther forward in the course of the setting sun.

  60. Witness again the journeys of that straightforward character, Lieutenant Pike, the first American officer to reach the headwaters of the Mississippi River, and to arrange for the proper respect for the American flag in that far-off country.

  61. This was toward the headwaters of the Platte, of course, not far from that Fort Laramie where he met the grandsons of Daniel Boone, still going West, even unto the third and fourth generation.

  62. Although you have some coal in districts nearer to you, we should remember that on the headwaters of these streams there is plenty of the most excellent kind which can be floated down to you before you have a complete railway system.

  63. Youngblood, when near the headwaters of the Agusan River, saw in front of a chief's house "a rude wooden image of a man which seemed to be treated with some religious awe and respect.

  64. They fear each other to a certain extent, especially men who live further north of the headwaters of the Agusan.

  65. The commissioners therefore decided to establish a separate reservation for these three tribes on the headwaters of the Umatilla, at the base of the Blue Mountains.

  66. They crossed a rapid mountain stream near the headwaters of the Arno and were seen no more.

  67. Upon the same maps will be found designated the sites of sundry other Cherokee villages, several of which are on the extreme headwaters of the "R.

  68. Other towns will also be found on the banks of the Upper Catawba, and they are, as well, quite numerous along the headwaters of the "R.

  69. Xualla" is placed to the west of and near the headwaters of the "Secco" or Savannah River.

  70. Prior to the Revolution, the latter had claimed to own the territory within the limits of Georgia, as far south as the waters of Broad River, and extending from the headwaters of that river westward.

  71. McQueen decided that the boundary should be a line drawn across the headwaters of Hatchet and Elk Creeks, the former being a branch of the Coosa and the latter a tributary of the Tallapoosa.

  72. However, we kept ahead of them, and made the headwaters of the river.

  73. Each knew that they were not likely to make the headwaters of Snake River without molestation.

  74. But its way would be shorter, and it would miss Fort Mowbray altogether, and take up its quarters at the headwaters of Snake River, to await the coming of the leaders.

  75. The gradient from the headwaters to Quenemo is more than five feet per mile, from Quenemo to Osawatomie 1.

  76. Metcalf (1959) found this species most abundantly in the intermittent headwaters of Walnut River and Grouse Creek in Cowley County, Kansas.

  77. Once during an epidemic of smallpox, so says a traditional tale, a devil in human form was tracked to the headwaters of Tusquittee, where he was apprehended in a cave.

  78. The bear-hunters are the only men familiar with these headwaters of the Richland.

  79. An exception to this general statement must be made of the slow-flowing Little Tennessee; the headwaters of its tributaries, however, teem with speckled habitants.

  80. The headwaters of all the rivers may be whipped with success for trout.

  81. The headwaters of the Soco rise in a dark wilderness.

  82. The vicinity of Roan mountain and the headwaters of the Ocona Lufta excel all other sections.

  83. Why, I’ve fit bars from the Dark Ridge kentry to the headwaters of the French Broad.

  84. Its fronts are gashed, on the east, south and north sides, by the headwaters of the Pigeon, Caney Fork and Richland.

  85. From there it should be continued north to the Mississippi River to a connection with that river near the headwaters of the Atchafalaya River.

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