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Example sentences for "hooky"

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  1. The Count has been accepted; he has presented his betrothed "With a miniature sketch of his hooky nose, And his dear dark eyes as black as sloes, And his beard and whiskers as black as those.

  2. It wasn’t the usual playing hooky from school case that the judge was taking up now.

  3. They both died when I was little, and I lived with Aunt Florrie, and she used to switch me every time I played hooky to hang around the pressroom at the Journal—” “The Journal!

  4. Played hooky until the truant officer came, and Aunt Florrie said she wished he would send me here, because she had six kids of her own and I was a bother.

  5. If the secretary of the above-mentioned company has the cheek to play hooky at 3:30 P.

  6. Hooky emphasized his "slow and sure" by taking a snuff.

  7. Hooky Crewe was driver; so-called because an iron hook was his substitute for a right arm: Robbie Proctor, the blacksmith, made the hook and fixed it in.

  8. Hooky Crewe was driver--so called because an iron hook was his substitute for a right arm.

  9. Hooky emphasized his "slow and sure" by taking a snuff.

  10. Your eyes look as strong as--as that hooky bird's that sits in the sun at the Zoological and nictitates .

  11. My mother was well on to fifty when I gave her that chop, and she got her hooky finger for life.

  12. But, like playing hooky or stealing watermelon, it was more fun if it was done on the sly.

  13. And, knowing it was rather childish, he still enjoyed the small Huckleberry Finn pleasure of playing hooky from the Neurophysical Institute.

  14. I can't see why the Jews should be let go about crying Old Close thro' their hooky noses, And Christian laws should be ten times more hard than the old stone laws of Moses.

  15. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "hooky" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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