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Example sentences for "adornment"

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adornd; adorne; adorned; adorneth; adorning; adornments; adorns; adoun; adown; adpressed
  1. Yves, one of the most illustrious prelates who ever filled the episcopal throne of Chartres, confined himself principally to the interior adornment of the cathedral.

  2. As Maximina did not usually care much for the adornment of her person, the elegance which she now displayed made her look truly brilliant.

  3. At Baltimore there was a dinner, and the city council asked the visitor to sit for a picture by Peale for the adornment of the council room.

  4. The rooms were small and simply furnished, the chief adornment being portraits of the General and his friends, though later was added the familiar painting of Mrs. Jackson.

  5. How often had he dreamed in bygone years of what he would do for the restoration and adornment of the beautiful old house, and how he and his mother would live there in peace and happiness!

  6. His scarf was of white silk fringed with gold, and his only adornment was a cravat of fine lace, fastened with a diamond clasp.

  7. Naturally, the monk-artist executed works for the adornment of his own convent.

  8. He had vast designs for the adornment of Rome, and immediately employed Raphael in the decoration of the first of the Stanze, or halls of the Vatican, four of which he ornamented with magnificent frescoes before his death.

  9. A look of intense satisfaction passed over the pallid face, as though to her untutored taste this glaring adornment was all that could be desired; then the hands fell, and the lips moved.

  10. More than once had he returned with a black eye, cut lip, or other adornment of a warlike nature; and several milk-pails had been degraded from things of usefulness, by reason of being used as weapons of offence and defence.

  11. After this description of the construction and adornment of the temple the text goes on to narrate how Gudea arranged for its material endowment.

  12. Nor was this all: the best was still lacking, the garland, a bonnet of white flowers with festoons which hung over the ears; a barbaric adornment like those worn by savages at the opera.

  13. Loving, as all rude nations do, so much of art as goes to the adornment of life, they also felt that there was a still higher aim in the enlarged spirit of classic invention.

  14. A jewelled ring was part of the adornment of a bishop when arrayed in full pontificals.

  15. The interested parties point out that men practically wear uniform, that there is hardly any change from year to year in their costume, and that any undue adornment of the male is looked upon as bad form.

  16. He applied these revenues to the support of his army, to his fortifications, sheds, and splendid buildings, to the erection of the stations on the trade roads, and finally to the adornment of the court.

  17. At first the Phenician kings wore the purple robe as the sign of their rank; then it became the adornment of the princes of the East, the priests, the women of high rank, and upper classes.

  18. American ladies are very fond of diamonds; and it is a common thing for one of them to have from ten thousand to twenty thousand or thirty thousand dollars' worth of them as part of the adornment of her pretty person at one time.

  19. If he knew what things she had to do at her own home, and how such an adornment would be in place!

  20. The adornment of these arrows with peacocks' feathers is not to be considered as a mere poetical flourish, for we have sufficient testimony, that such plumage was actually used.

  21. The one accompanied by his dog, is in search of the wild deer; the other has no companion, but is depicted in the act of shooting at a bird; and from the adornment of his girdle, appears to have been no bad marksman.

  22. The heart that is so minded wears adornment without peril; for it wears and does not wear, dances and does not dance, lives well and does not live well.

  23. And these are the secret souls, hidden brides of Christ, but they are rare; for it is hard not to delight in great adornment and parade.

  24. Every bough that is freshly decked by spring seems to feel gladness, and the simple child who was to-day so splendidly dressed was captivated by pleasure in her own beauty, and its costly adornment which delighted her beyond measure.

  25. The Empress's thin face looked particularly small under the mass of natural and artificial adornment which towered above her brow.

  26. All the Spanish accounts of the invasion of Mexico agree in the great abundance of emeralds, both in the adornment of the chiefs and nobles and also in the decoration of the gods, the thrones and the paraphernalia.

  27. It was a small place, fronting a somewhat commonplace square in Notting Hill, but it was to be a miracle of artistic adornment inside.

  28. The painted windows of the Abbey, though mostly modern, are exceedingly rich and beautiful; and I do think that human art has invented no other such magnificent method of adornment as this.

  29. Scott evidently used as much freedom with his natural scenery as he did with his historic incidents; and he could have made nothing of either one or the other if he had been more scrupulous in his arrangement and adornment of them.

  30. There is a lack of poetic adornment in the style quite as conspicuous as the lack of reflection and moralizing in the matter.

  31. The concealment of this natural adornment gave to her countenance a sort of conventual severity; but its features were grave and noble.

  32. Glad rags" is supposed to buoyantly describe such attire as, by its freshness or elegance of style, is rendered a suitable adornment for festive occasions or loftier leisure moments.

  33. It made no effort to wreathe itself with chaplets of elegance; it was beautifully unaware that such adornment was necessary.

  34. Better dressed, and washed, and shaved, he might make a tolerable adornment to a hotel door, or even reach the dignity of a bar-keeper or an usher at a theatre.

  35. The scene on the avenue will be alway remembered as the only occasion on which that great thoroughfare was a real adornment to the seat of government.

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