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Example sentences for "busying"

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busto; busts; busy; busybodies; busybody; busynes; but; buta; butan; butante
  1. He attempted weakly to dismiss the matter by leaning forward on his writing-table, taking up his pen, and busying himself with a number of papers.

  2. She paused and turned quite away, busying herself with a pile of books and magazines.

  3. As I stood there in the pulpit, busying me to teach the commandment of GOD, there knelled a sacring-bell; and therefore mickle people turned away hastily, and with great noise ran from towards me.

  4. But we are not so naturally apt to be busying ourselves to secure our souls with God.

  5. Mary reentered the tent, and found Aurora, very pale but apparently quite calm, busying herself about the patient.

  6. Jim discovered the Geordie's mate busying himself driving in a peg.

  7. Chi, busying himself with the plough preparatory to leaving.

  8. Thousands of evil spirits were busying themselves in all parts, tempting men first to one sin and then to another.

  9. Whilst the Pharisees were busying themselves in this manner, our Blessed Saviour was suffering the greatest outrages from the brutal soldiers to whom Herod had delivered him, that they might deride him as a fool.

  10. I saw groups of infamous, bold-looking young men, who were for the most part busying themselves near the watch-house in preparing fresh scourges, while others went to seek branches of thorns.

  11. I hear you're going to be one of the celebrities," she said, busying herself with her typewriter machine.

  12. There are different ways of being strong," observed Miss Ellison, busying herself the while.

  13. Perk had followed his mate aboard, and was already busying himself with certain preliminary duties that always fell to his charge.

  14. Then from our windows Alice and I could see him about his grounds, at work amongst his shrubbery, or busying himself with his horses and carriages.

  15. This speech had changed the footing on which he stood with Herr Balthasar; he thought he should now be better able to confess boldly what for some days had been busying and disquieting his mind.

  16. My idle trick of busying myself in other folks' concerns, and chattering about whatever comes uppermost, though you will never give over finding fault with it, has at all events been the cause of this good deed.

  17. Nobody will look for gold in my house," answered the other, busying himself again at his furnace: "nobody will recognize gold under this ungainly form.

  18. But our surly gloomy Eleazar, one day that I was telling him of this, abused me bitterly, and said that busying oneself with such thoughts is the very pitch of sin and wickedness.

  19. Behind them Mrs. Mawle was busying herself with lamps and fire.

  20. Tom Betts was busying himself cleaning some of the fish taken on the preceding day.

  21. While some of the boys were busying themselves around the fire, Paul took a look at the slight injuries of the two aspiring hunters, and complimented the pleased Philip on the clever way he had attended to their necessities.

  22. The two found no lack of occupation from day to day, the woman busying herself with cooking and cleaning and the boy with shooting and hunting.

  23. Busying herself cheerfully about her household tasks, she knew nothing of the strange thoughts that were stirring in the mind of her brother.

  24. Yes; I know she will be lightly worked and well cared for," he said shortly, turning away, and busying himself with the basket again.

  25. As it was she could not help showing a little that she felt embarrassed, and looked down; and changed colour slightly, busying herself with her bouquet.

  26. That depends on the Countess," she said, busying herself with piling the volumes one on the other.

  27. It was noteworthy in our times that all the old-time modesty as to busying oneself in the financial concerns of the Court had vanished.

  28. And so it was, too, that he was now busying himself washing their wool, which he determined should shine like spun silver on the great night.

  29. In the middle of the room were placed long tables, and in the palace kitchens the cooks were running about busying themselves preparing the great feast that was to follow.

  30. However, since his return he had been astonishing Paris by his brilliant propaganda, busying himself with the most varied affairs, and becoming much appreciated and very powerful at the archiepiscopal residence.

  31. After ardently busying herself with painting, she had lately become impassioned for chemistry, and was now letting poetry master her.

  32. It's still on account of that poor man about whom I have been busying myself since this morning.

  33. Later on she went to the other extreme, and dressed herself up like a man, and went about out on the rocks instead of busying herself with something at home; and she let no one come near her.

  34. In the afternoon Pelle was busying himself about the lower yard when Karna came to him and told him to go up to mistress.

  35. His wife went backward and forward, busying herself about him; she wrapped his feet up better, and came with a shawl to put round his shoulders.

  36. Lasse was busying himself with little things in the lower yard, and he still seemed to have the sound in his ears.

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