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Example sentences for "ordinated"

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ordinarily; ordinario; ordinarius; ordinary; ordinate; ordinates; ordinating; ordination; ordinatione; ordinationem
  1. His discoveries, co-ordinated and arranged in vast corpora inscriptionum, stand now alongside Herodotus or Livy, furnishing a basis for their criticism.

  2. The same signs are co-ordinated with the next group, ten to nineteen, containing as many numbers as the first.

  3. This example shows how, by the constant increase of the complexity of a concept (here the chemical composition), ever greater and more manifold demands are made upon the co-ordinated scheme.

  4. The social application of language demands that the signs co-ordinated to the concepts in use should be the same for all the members of the social organization.

  5. If at first we have two groups the members of which are all differentiated from one another, then any one member of the one group can be co-ordinated with any one member of the other group.

  6. Three algebraic signs, x, y, and z, are co-ordinated with the three variable dimensions of space.

  7. On the other hand, the statement that in both groups each member of the one is co-ordinated with a member of the other has no definite meaning on account of the infinitely large number of members.

  8. Thus, we find that the most frequent concepts of co-ordinated sound signs form the beginnings of language in the narrower sense.

  9. Even the most regulated concepts as well as the familiar concepts of daily life are in ceaseless flux, while the co-ordinated signs are comparatively more stable.

  10. Thus, co-ordination can be extended to any number of groups we please, and each single group proves to be co-ordinated with every other.

  11. The possibility of carrying out the formal operations effected in one of the groups upon the co-ordinated group itself facilitates to an extraordinary extent the practical shaping of the reality for definite purposes.

  12. Numerals have been co-ordinated with names as well as with signs.

  13. This state I venture to think is Fetish in a very early form, a form through which the now elaborate true Negro Fetish must have passed before reaching its present co-ordinated state.

  14. The War showed that by co-ordinated and centralised action the whole economic structure can without disaster be altered to a degree that before the War no economist would have supposed possible.

  15. How then could these admirably co-ordinated modifications of structure have been acquired?

  16. By the repetition of the same process, and by the occasional intercrossing of the survivors, there would be some progress, slow and fluctuating though it would be, towards the admirably co-ordinated structure of the giraffe.

  17. The powers of government were co-ordinated between the Gerousia or council, the popular assembly, the five ephors, and two military commanders.

  18. The second stage was a government co-ordinated between a council of chiefs, and a general military commander; one representing the civil, and the other the military functions.

  19. The functions of government became, in course of time, co-ordinated between the two.

  20. It is a gigantic trilogy, into which are fused and co-ordinated all the dramatic representations borrowed for three centuries from the canonical and apocryphal gospels.

  21. The events are not co-ordinated with a preconceived idea, and distributed in a manner to lead forward to a catastrophe or to a final peripetia.

  22. Its parts are carefully co-ordinated so that the whole will function with the least possible friction.

  23. That these qualities are successfully co-ordinated in Macy's is due to real leadership, and it is to this same leadership that we may look for the basis of the store's morale.

  24. But a co-ordinated movement is not of necessity automatic from the outset; its automatism may be the sequel to voluntary education.

  25. Some "co-ordinated tics" are remarkable for their intricacy; they consist of a series of movements which mimic some act of everyday life.

  26. And if we do know its origin; can we say it is co-ordinated when one muscle only is involved in the contraction?

  27. Conjugate deviation of the head and eyes may be of bulbar origin; certain spinal movements even may be no less co-ordinated and automatic.

  28. These are obviously co-ordinated and adapted for a particular end; suction is a functional act.

  29. Brissaud's view that the tic is a co-ordinated automatic act and consequently cortical is objected to by Grasset.

  30. It is not a co-ordinated act of a purposive nature, but a simple, unvarying, constant motor reaction to a particular stimulus.

  31. Such co-ordinated movements, however causeless and inopportune they may appear, cannot be identified with mere pathological reflexes or spasms.

  32. The normal individual usually possesses in potentia all the elements for the genesis of a co-ordinated tic.

  33. Hurley, vice-chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, points out how during the last quarter of a century the Germans have co-ordinated their foreign trade, with the result that of the steel business 90 per cent.

  34. Our transportation system can be better co-ordinated with our agriculture, so that food, now wasted because it will not pay the freight, can be brought to market.

  35. The resulting operations which should have been carefully co-ordinated and vigorously supported, were weak and indecisive.

  36. That he had every right to such a title is demonstrable to all who distinguish between the positive sciences and the philosophy which co-ordinated the truths and methods of these sciences into a doctrine.

  37. The result of this method, is an exhibition of the events of human experience in co-ordinated series that manifest their own graduated connexion.

  38. NATO emerged as a self-restrained, well-choreographed, well co-ordinated body of professionals who go through motions and off the shelf plans with lifeless automatism.

  39. It was a wink and nod social contract, a co-ordinated robbery, and an orgy of degeneration, decadence and corruption attended by all the citizenry to varying degrees.

  40. In Champia and allied genera, the cylindrical axis is due not to the derivatives of one axial filament, but of several, the growth of which is co-ordinated to form a septated tube.

  41. Each cadet worked in his particular field, and all of their information was assembled and co-ordinated by Major Connel.

  42. The patient loses energy, readily becomes tired, and the capacity for finely co-ordinated motor acts, such as are required in playing games of skill, is impaired.

  43. Parts of one design differing in function should differ in appearance but be co-ordinated with the entire design.

  44. Parts of a design differing in function should differ in appearance but be co-ordinated with the entire design.

  45. He was the one who co-ordinated everything.

  46. British Administration was thus being called upon for supplies to British, French, American and Portuguese troops, at the same time as our lines of supply had to be re-organised and co-ordinated with the new French lines of supply.

  47. It will be of interest to note how all the directorates of the Q Branch of the Staff were co-ordinated so that the man at the top could keep control and yet not be smothered under a mass of detail.

  48. General Bonham-Carter and Lieutenant-Colonel Borden Turner remained in France, and the work of the new branch was being established and co-ordinated with that of the Y.

  49. In April, 1918, it was realised that the efforts in France would be greatly hampered if they were not co-ordinated with those in England and elsewhere.

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