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  1. In addition to the commissioner there were appointed a statistician, chemist, entomologist and superintendent of a propagatory and experimental farm.

  2. On examining them carefully at another opportunity, this entomologist found that these caterpillars were provided with a squirting apparatus, situated in a cleft in the neck.

  3. Some twirl about inside their cocoons; and it is said that a great entomologist was once so terrified by the curious noise thus made, that he nearly threw down the box in which it was, in his alarm.

  4. Kirby and Spence tell us of a German entomologist who says, that two specimens of the pine-lappet moth were once produced from one pupa, which was of the remarkable size of two inches in length and one in thickness.

  5. The larva did not seem to discover the fact of its being carried away a prisoner; and as the entomologist carried the branch with gentleness, it proceeded with its task as comfortably as if stationed on the tree it was now leaving behind.

  6. All this happened because an entomologist forgot to lock up his eggs when he went away for half an hour!

  7. They were placed on a paper near a window which happened to be open; the entomologist went out, and the paper must have blown across the street into a garden on the other side.

  8. In the United States, somebody had sent an entomologist a present of some eggs of one of these moths.

  9. Latreille seems to think with me on this subject[1868], I have retained Linne's term for the marginal nervure, and for most of the others have adopted those of the great French Entomologist just mentioned.

  10. This illustrious Entomologist was more successful in discovering the mode in which another insect, the common gnat, whose group of eggs is, in some respects, as extraordinary as that last described, performs its operations.

  11. The antagonist organs to the mandible in the lower side of the head, are the under-jaws, or maxillae--so denominated by the illustrious Entomologist of Kiel.

  12. But the genus that exhibits to the curious Entomologist the most singular and elaborate apparatus of this kind is Dytiscus Latr.

  13. The foregoing is interesting as giving the conclusions of an entomologist who had investigated the subject, and arrived at the same result that had been reached by a botanist many years before.

  14. These bloody insects," I said to an Australian entomologist of rare quality.

  15. An Entomologist is a large hairy man with eyebrows like antennA|.

  16. It is nice to find an entomologist with whom I can swear and talk bawdy.

  17. The men I meet accept me as an entomologist and ipso facto, an enthusiast in the science.

  18. James Fletcher, late entomologist to the Dominion of Canada, and in the north may be summarized thus: the butterflies come from the hibernated chrysalids in May or June.

  19. Speaking of these protective resemblances Mr. Jenner Weir says: "After being thirty years an entomologist I was deceived myself, and took out my pruning scissors to cut from a plum tree a spur which I thought I had overlooked.

  20. Everywhere in that fertile region for the entomologist the brilliantly coloured Heliconidae abound, with all the characteristics which I have already referred to when describing them as illustrative of "warning coloration.

  21. An experienced entomologist may also fail to find the larvae till after a considerable search.

  22. I shall begin with the first of these objections--that the entomologist is a mere trifler.

  23. As to rank, I must claim for the entomologist some degree of precedence before the mineralogist and the botanist.

  24. Even if the entomologist advance a step further, and invent a new system for the distribution of all known insects, can his laborious undertaking be deemed any other than busy idleness?

  25. Not having had it in my power to consult Dalman's work on the Chalcidites of Latreille, referred to by that learned Entomologist in his Familles Naturelles du Regne Animal, I am not able to refer them to their proper genera.

  26. But in the view even of those few who think inhumanity chargeable upon the sportsman, it will be easy to place considerations which may rescue the entomologist from such reproof.

  27. Those observations, to which thousands of unscientific sufferers proved themselves incompetent, would have been readily made by one entomologist well versed in his science.

  28. But every entomologist knows that there exist insects perfectly distinct, yet so nearly resembling each other, that no engraving, nor any language other than that strictly scientific, can possibly discriminate them.

  29. Once travelling through Cambridgeshire with a brother entomologist in a gig, our horse was in the condition here described, from the attack of Tabanus rusticus.

  30. Because they are six legged we may be led to think that they are insects, for the entomologist knows that the true insect, in its adult form, never has more than six legs.

  31. The mouth parts of insects are not only interesting but important; one of the first things an economic entomologist does with a new specimen is to examine its mouth parts.

  32. A learned entomologist of Bordeaux, Professor PĂ©rez, to whom I submit the naming of my prizes, once asked me if I had any special means of hunting, to send him so many rarities and even novelties.

  33. I have already stated that the entomologist has need of simplicity of mind.

  34. Not long since I had occasion to write to a prominent entomologist in Louisiana for some specimens of the yellow fever mosquito for laboratory work.

  35. The foremost entomologist of the land has suggested that we even change its name and give it one that would be more suggestive of the abhorence with which we now look upon it.

  36. The gratification which the entomologist derives from seeing his favourite study adorned with the graces of poetry is seldom unalloyed with pain, arising from the inaccurate knowledge of the subject in the poet.

  37. De Geer, who examined the insects he describes with the eye of an anatomist, seems to be the only entomologist that has noticed this organ.

  38. Many new questions suggest themselves, however, and it would be a grateful task if some entomologist would go further into these investigations.

  39. Perhaps some entomologist to whom materials are more easily accessible, may, by continuing these experiments, accomplish this object.

  40. He was the one man with whom the entomologist son had completely fallen out for over 25 years.

  41. Riley, the distinguished and experienced State entomologist of Missouri, is the chief of the commission, while Prof.

  42. Cyrus Thomas, State Entomologist of Illinois, one of the most noted American authorities, and Dr.

  43. It is as an entomologist that his memory survives, and for many years his great scientific reputation rested upon the system of classification which he founded upon the structure of the mouth-organs instead of the wings.

  44. The entomologist of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, says that the insect is common around Geneva, and nearly every season an occasional tree succumbs to its work.

  45. Thus an almost new field remains for the Entomologist in the study of the yet unknown Singhalese Diptera, which must be very numerous.

  46. The interest of the Bollin valley is quite as great to the entomologist as to the botanist.

  47. But to the granger laity the entomologist is always a "bug-hunter," even though no single species of a bug is to be found in his entire insect cabinet.

  48. The jeweller is not necessarily an entomologist or naturalist.

  49. And now the prosaic entomologist proceeds to supplant fact for fancy.

  50. For almost any bed of nettles may well tempt the young entomologist to tarry, while he forgets the tingling fingers as he fills his collecting-box with welcome specimens.

  51. The learned authors of the Introduction to Entomology have inserted a sketch of the Aristotelian system in that work, a reference to which will convince the reader that it is next to impossible for the entomologist to over-rate him.

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