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Example sentences for "devilish"

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deviennent; devient; devil; deviled; devilfish; devilishly; devill; devilled; devilling; devills
  1. Bressani, who had undergone the most devilish inflictions which savage ingenuity could devise, and yet returned maimed and disfigured the following spring to "dare again the knives and fiery brand of the Iroquois.

  2. There was another apprentice, a young fellow of about eighteen, named Wales McCormick, a devilish fellow and a giant.

  3. Because you fool away devilish little of it on your manuscript.

  4. When I went on, I was near tumbling down at the sight of my Jaffier, who looked like the apothecary in 'Romeo and Juliet,' with the addition of some devilish red slashes along his thighs and arms.

  5. With linstook now the devilish cannon touches, And down goes all before them.

  6. He made a casual remark and then, when I had replied somewhat indifferently, added with a laugh which had in it an apologetic tone: "I was devilish soused the other day.

  7. He came in with the end of a cigarette at the corner of his mouth, and this, I do not know why, gave him a devilish expression.

  8. The mate took the outstretched hand and twitched his swollen lips into a devilish grin.

  9. There, come and kiss a foolish old woman; I'm devilish proud of you, and I hear nothing but good reports of you.

  10. I don't possess much, although I'm a devilish sight better than you are; but I may be able to find some.

  11. Oh, I'm going to make a man of him, captain; I'm going to make a devilish fine man of him.

  12. Just like a man--so devilish unreasonable!

  13. I must say you've been devilish slow, Comethup.

  14. Then you're both of you devilish backward for your ages, that's all I can say.

  15. I suppose you'll be bound to meet her sometimes; that's the sort of devilish game Fate plays with us.

  16. And money does go so devilish fast in London!

  17. As I've said, I'm a lonely old woman, and I'm devilish tired of my own company.

  18. They're not much more stupid than most of the highbrows, after all, and, usually, a devilish sight more pleasant to associate with.

  19. Where's that devilish boy with those drinks?

  20. Then, as for their devilish tricks, they'll kill a man for his fat just as the settlers do a bullock for its tallow, and smear themselves all over with it, and then put red ochre on the top of that.

  21. The jawlike pincers on it held the limp form of an officer in its sucking grip, while above, in a protuberance like a gnarled horn, a great eye glared into Thorpe's with devilish hatred.

  22. Its devilish power to paralyze and still the soul of him was gone.

  23. But Robert Thorpe was fighting on to the last, and he tried to make his blows reach outward to the hateful devilish eye.

  24. Was anything safe from this devilish mystery that could pluck each cowering human from the lowest depths of this steel freighter, that could drag her down in the water till the radio man sent his cry: "We are sinking!

  25. Once I'm on board the yacht that waits for me, I'll release him so he can keep you poor devils sane until my Government has found a way to beat this devilish poison of his.

  26. And Ribiera had in his possession, and used, a deadly, devilish poison from some unknown noxious plant.

  27. Shaftesbury had already said, that "nothing besides ill-humour, either natural or forced, can bring a man to think seriously that the world is governed by any devilish or malicious power.

  28. I must keep a devilish tight hand upon this fallow, I see,--or he will be touched with the patriotic frenzy of the times, and run counter till aw my designs.

  29. I am furious when I think that they cause more honest men to be shunned, with their devilish jargon, their oaths, and endless tricks and rascalities.

  30. McGilveray knew that it might be impossible to reach the fuse--there was no time to spare, and he had set about to row the devilish machine out of range of the vessels which were carrying Wolfe's army to a forlorn hope.

  31. The picture was so ludicrous that Pomfrette laughed with a devilish humour, and flinging the pitcher at the bag, he walked away towards his own house.

  32. At some unknown time will I show that in this world a certain devilish influence worketh most evilly against the high Heavens and the good in man.

  33. There is in this world a certain devilish influence that worketh most evilly against the high Heavens and the good in man, and the which doeth foully with the flesh of man and bringeth the soul of him unto the stinking depths of hell.

  34. It ought to be something devilish hard," observed Courtenay.

  35. He's a devilish good fellow, sir, I can tell you.

  36. You spot the devilish cunning of the ruse, what?

  37. Of course if they've got ye scared--" Torrance knew the danger of demanding overtime even when necessitated by their own devilish destruction.

  38. It's some devilish trick or he wouldn't sneak up that way.

  39. Devilish difficult that," said John Ayliffe, taking the punch.

  40. I've a notion that what I went to him about was devilish unlawful.

  41. No more devilish nourisher of pride do we find than in pain voluntarily embraced.

  42. Apparently Mrs. Burman's unfathomed power lay in her compelling him to summon the devilish in himself and play upon the impish in Society, that he might overcome her.

  43. The rest of my life is a prospect of much rain, much weeding and making of paths, a little letters, and devilish little to eat.

  44. I have been in devilish hot water, and (what may be new to you) devilish hard at work.

  45. Hence, with devilish ingenuity, I begin it at different places; so that if you stumble on one section, you may not even then suspect the fulness of my labours.

  46. It's a devilish hard thing for a man who writes so many novels as I do, that I should get so few to read.

  47. That I am, Herr Rathsherr,' he would say, 'money is devilish scarce just now.

  48. This fiddler was playin' somethin' awful devilish and quick, and the rest was pattin' their hands and feet while the old feller was dancin'.

  49. But mind you, I'm going to hide and hear what is said, for I want to hear what he says about all this devilish work.

  50. Are you going to ascribe to him such devilish cunning as that?

  51. He saw through the devilish cleverness of the man's arguments, and when he remembered that his dead mother's name had been spoken, a thrill of real pain ran through his body and he clenched his teeth and his hands.

  52. I promise you the temptation was devilish strong in me to act so, at one moment.

  53. He's a devilish cool player--that's certain.

  54. Devilish high principled that, any way," said Fred, drily.

  55. I become devilish impatient, and would give the world it was all over, and that I were back in my easy chair again.

  56. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "devilish" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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