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Example sentences for "billionth"

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billies; billing; billion; billionaire; billions; billon; billot; billow; billowed; billowes
  1. Thus, to trace it, the autopsy doctors would have to find, separate or segregate a billionth bit of the mass under observation.

  2. When scientifically administered the fatal dose is less than one billionth the weight of an ordinary human body.

  3. We may well believe Professor Tyndall, therefore, when he tells us that all the solar radiance we receive is less than a two-billionth part of what is sent flying through the desert regions of space.

  4. When the current jumps across the gap it races down the corridor and electrifies the solution for about one-billionth of a second.

  5. By suitable adjustment of the wiring, the shutter can be made to close during any one-billionth of a second interval during the first four ten-millionths of a second of the spark's short life.

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