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Example sentences for "contraptions"

Lexicographically close words:
contraires; contrairy; contralto; contraposition; contraption; contrapuntal; contrapuntist; contrar; contrare; contraria
  1. Well, then, buy all the contraptions that are necessary, but don't omit the plain gridirons and frying-pans.

  2. Norbert Wiener's prophetic warning that we will become slaves of intelligent contraptions that take over intellectual faculties deserves more than a parenthetic reminder.

  3. So far, very few of those who study the matter have resisted the temptation to fasten blame on television watching or on the intimidating intrusion of electronic and digital contraptions for the decline of literacy.

  4. I done handled a amphib many a time, but that was years back, when they didn't near come up to the new kind; an' with all them contraptions attached in the bargain.

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