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Example sentences for "countermeasures"

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  1. Flauius of Malpha, a citie in the kingdom of Naples.

  2. There is established in the Department of Defense a National Bio-Weapons Defense Analysis Center, whose mission is to develop countermeasures to potential attacks by terrorists using weapons of mass destruction.

  3. One would add to the Research and Countermeasures Unit to fill out three full units that could be operating all the time.

  4. An early establishment of the perimeter enabled the troops to take effective countermeasures against Japanese infiltrations and night assaults.

  5. If the Japanese Navy and amphibious assault forces entered Carigara Bay, the possibilities for effective countermeasures were not very promising.

  6. Later they had suffered from the coercion of both belligerents, and from her own futile countermeasures of embargo and non-intercourse.

  7. During this period Allied countermeasures were chiefly of a defensive character, including patrol of coastal areas, diversion of traffic from customary routes, and arming of merchantmen.

  8. Had it been restricted to narrow limits, it would have been still less effective, owing to the facility of countermeasures in a small area.

  9. Count Pourtal├Ęs was directed to make the following declaration to the Russian Government: "Preparatory military measures by Russia will force us to countermeasures which must consist in mobilizing the army.

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