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Example sentences for "gallstones"

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  1. Dietetic Treatment~ for gallstones is therefore directed to increase the flow of bile and to avoid the inflammation of the gall bladder and bile passages which may result from the product of intestinal putrefaction.

  2. According to Friedenwald and Ruhraeh[155] the two factors that in all probability exert the most influence on the formation of gallstones are the stasis of bile and the inflammation of the bile passages and gall bladder.

  3. It has been demonstrated that these substances have a chemical influence upon the formation of gallstones as well as upon the intestinal stasis which leads to their formation.

  4. When the passage is abnormally slow the bile is in a measure dammed back with a formation of gallstones as a result.

  5. Had these gallstones and them white doctors operated and they got a lotta little stones but pretty soon it was back.

  6. The informant with gallstones did not attend meetings to have his ailment cured; rather, he used water and tobacco, traditional adjuncts to shamanistic curing.

  7. How about tapeworms, gallstones and Osteopathy, do you ask?

  8. We heard about tapeworms and gallstones when we were in Osteopathic college.

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