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Example sentences for "genres"

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genocide; genos; genoux; genral; genre; gens; gensdarmes; gent; gente; genteel
  1. A phrase in prose, often quoted as a verse, from Voltaire's preface to the Enfant Prodigue: Tous les genres sont bons, hors le genre ennuyeux.

  2. Probably the very general assumption will be correct in most cases, that genres of mediaeval poetry (e.

  3. But to create this work, Charles needed to make use of a lot more than just genres and styles created by others.

  4. In such censure we perhaps glimpse an opinion attributable to the still influential genres theories: a poet of "sublime Genius" should work in a more sublime poetic genre than satire.

  5. Tous les genres sont bons, hormis le genre ennuyeux--All kinds are good, except the boring kind.

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