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Example sentences for "hic"

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hibernated; hibernates; hibernating; hibernation; hibiscus; hican; hicans; hiccory; hiccough; hiccoughed
  1. In a distich accompanying an Agnus Dei in the church of St. Pudentiana at Rome, both characters are ascribed to Our Lord: Hic agnus mundum restaurat sanguine lapsum, Mortuus et vivus idem sum, pastor et agnus.

  2. I shall wait for the move of Afranius and Petreius: for Labienus is a Page 104 Hic tu in me illud desideras.

  3. Thus, in the land beyond the grave, are ever two impalpable and spiritual hosts--the things to be, the things that have been!

  4. The invalid senator was too grave and too infirm for the proper fulfilment of his duty; the aedile Pansa was adequate enough to the task: but then, to choose the next in official rank to the senator, was an affront to the senator himself.

  5. Then wrapping himself in a light robe, he returned once more to the tepidarium, where he found Glaucus, who had not encountered the sudatorium; and now, the main delight and extravagance of the bath commenced.

  6. An agreeable provision enough, but one which must often have offended those who wished to be thought still young.

  7. I usually serve, the smallest egg-pan holds fifty, if need be!

  8. She passed the portico, and paused at the flowers which bordered the garden.

  9. If I thus fulfilled my object with Apaecides, what was my design for Ione?

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