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Example sentences for "accessed"

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acces; access; accessaries; accessary; accesse; accesses; accessibility; accessible; accession; accessions
  1. A "continuous program" is a predetermined program that is continuously performed in the same order and that is accessed at a point in the program that is beyond the control of the transmission recipient.

  2. Works of art, proponents of language argue, can be reduced to verbal description, or at least be better accessed through the language used to index them through labels, classifications, categories.

  3. The telephone, in its generalized reality as a medium for orality, defies co- presence and can be accessed virtually from anywhere.

  4. All practical rules presented in the Book constitute a framework accessed either through literacy or oral tradition.

  5. The Office will also make a more complete version of the information contained in the Notice of Intent to Enforce available on its automated database, which can be accessed over the Internet.

  6. These records may be accessed by the public on terminals in the Copyright Office at the Library of Congress and are also available via the Internet.

  7. He still held out hope that the names of the discharged patients in the clinical trials could be accessed somehow.

  8. But after that, the identity information of any patient actually selected for inclusion in the clinical trials was encoded--where thenceforth it could only be accessed through a lengthy legal process.

  9. Character devices can be accessed one character at a time.

  10. Block devices must be accessed in larger units called blocks, which contain a number of characters.

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