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accessed; accesses; accessibility; accessible; accession; accessit; accessories; accessory; accidence; accidens
  1. Of late years Siberian society has received large accessions of educated people in the Polish political exiles, who are mostly students and professors in the universities, members of the Roman Catholic priesthood, and artists.

  2. Throughout these Slavic lands, great accessions of pure Mongoloid blood have been introduced within relatively recent centuries.

  3. But it is mortifying to learn that most numerous accessions are being made to the body in their new home by converts proceeding from England.

  4. They are increasing faster since this last catastrophe than ever; and are daily receiving large accessions of new members from Europe, especially from Great Britain.

  5. The next accessions that were made to our geographical knowledge of Australasia, are derived from the voyage in search of La Peyrouse.

  6. The course of the Argonauts to Colchis is well ascertained; and the accessions to the geographical knowledge of that age, which we derive from the accounts given of that course, are considerable.

  7. It is evident that the principal accessions to geographical knowledge among the Romans, at least till their ambition was satinted, or nearly so, by conquest, must have been derived from their military expeditions.

  8. Other branches of science were benefited and extended by this voyage, however unsuccessful it proved in its grand and leading object; and some of the accessions were of a very interesting nature.

  9. This is one of the best accessions to our information respecting this part of Asia which has been produced by our establishments in India.

  10. The accessions made by him to geography in other parts of the globe, as well as his unfortunate fate, will be afterwards related.

  11. To these gradual accessions were made from the different sources which have always been more or less at the command of sovereigns and nobles.

  12. The usual even tenor of the theatre was varied by new accessions to the company, and by first appearances, and other interesting events.

  13. It was a common circumstance for the theatre to receive accessions toward the close of the performance, the new-comers standing in line along the walls, drawn thither by the potent magnet of the manager in the farce.

  14. The colony throve, received accessions from the East, and, surviving all casualties, grew at last into a populous town.

  15. The party received constant accessions to their numbers as the months rolled away, and opened communication with the other mission-colonies in the territory.

  16. Temporarily the barbarians were beaten back, but having gained accessions of allies they proceeded anew with a huge force against the Romans.

  17. The Scipios sent their accessions at once to Italy, and they themselves continued to adjust affairs in Spain.

  18. Its coniferous genera, too, receive great accessions to their numbers, and begin to resemble, more closely than at an earlier period, the genera which still continue to exist.

  19. After a short delay, caused by these accessions to the procession, the whole moved up the North Bridge.

  20. Accessions from the mother-country were made to their numbers.

  21. The invaders had counted upon accessions to their ranks in the Spanish army, and from the disaffected inhabitants.

  22. The colony continued to increase by fresh accessions of emigrants till the year 1640, up to which time, it is computed that four thousand families had arrived in New England.

  23. With the accessions thus made, the troops at Fort Edward amounted to but little more than four thousand, including the militia.

  24. The company during its term received accessions of two substitutes, two drafted men and twenty-four recruits.

  25. On the morning of that day, with fresh accessions from hospitals and other sources, the 157th had increased its numbers to one hundred.

  26. The quartermaster had received his wagons and teams and among other accessions a sutler had located his tent near the camp, and was working up quite a trade in ginger snaps and green gingerbread.

  27. In the same connection it may be noted that the later accessions to the leisure class in the latter countries, in a general way, show less of the martial spirit than contemporary representatives of the aristocracy of the ancient line.

  28. The scattered accessions of these years represent as widely removed parishes as Skien, Laerdal in Sogn, and Namsos in Trondhjem.

  29. The Town of Sumner did not receive many accessions from Norway.

  30. There were also several accessions from Numedal in 1842.

  31. The year 1845 brought a number of accessions to the Norwegian colony of Chicago.

  32. The accessions from Laurdal, Moe, and Hvideseid for these years record the end of a movement that began in 1843.

  33. In the following year a few more families came from Numedal, while from 1841 the accessions were considerable every year for a number of years.

  34. At the same time there were new accessions from other districts, especially Voss and Laurdal in Telemarken, while from Rollaug came that year Gisle H.

  35. There seem to have been no fresh accessions of settlers until the spring of 1841.

  36. For the year 1845 the following accessions are to be noted: The brothers Nils and Gunder C.

  37. If now we pass on to the year 1841, we shall find that there were several accessions to the Koshkonong settlement in that year.

  38. The cause lies in the barriers to expansion and to accessions of population from without which confront such peoples on every side.

  39. Their numerical growth was rapid, both by the natural increase reflecting an abundant food supply, and by accessions from the home countries.

  40. She had, instead, one of her accessions of dainty shyness; the ring on her finger, underneath her glove, seemed to burn into her flesh.

  41. The love of safety, and the desire of dominion, equally lead mankind to wish for accessions of strength.

  42. Great accessions of fortune, when recent, when accompanied with frugality, and a sense of independence, may render the owner confident in his strength, and ready to spurn at oppression.

  43. This first success procured for the robbers arms and increased accessions to their ranks.

  44. It appeared to me that the Macquarie had taken a north-north-west course from Bathurst, and that it must have received immense accessions of water in its course from that place.

  45. It has annexed the volcano and the earthquake with its new accessions of territory.

  46. On the other hand, he suspects we will soon have larger armies in the field than ever before, and our accessions will consist of our bravest men, who will make efficient soldiers in a month.

  47. It is supposed Grant will soon receive large accessions from Sheridan's army, and make another attempt to take Richmond.

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