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Example sentences for "accessories"

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accessibility; accessible; accession; accessions; accessit; accessory; accidence; accidens; accident; accidental
  1. The act recalled with a curious vividness certain dulled sensations of their first days together, when to handle and examine these frail little accessories of her toilet had been part of the wonder and amusement of his new existence.

  2. The tendency of these magnificently staged plays is undoubtedly to make the individual performer wither, as the composition in its entirety of scenery, grouping, and accessories grows more and more.

  3. Certainly the various accessories attached to this figure betray its ancient origin and reveal its identity with the Egyptian, Chaldean, and Phoenician Virgin of the Sphere.

  4. The preparing and placing of the accessories in some large museum cases have required an unbelievable amount of time and expense to attain the desired natural appearance of the mounting.

  5. Framed with painted backgrounds and suitable accessories their shallow wall cases may be hung like pictures.

  6. Finally the flowers and accessories are put in, as a house is painted after it is built.

  7. The flowers and accessories may heighten and accelerate the effect, but they should not contradict it.

  8. At one time every one is a rigid Puritan and decries the bare accessories of worship, at another a Ritualist who twists and turns everything into fantastic shapes, as if he were furnishing an aesthetic bazaar.

  9. The background and accessories had been part of his daily life for years.

  10. Very slack fire they seem to be keeping up in the front," yawns out Ropsley, who has just joined me on deck, and to whom the siege and all its accessories are indeed nothing new.

  11. There may be a hundred accessories in life, provided they contribute to one result.

  12. They were no less indispensable to travel over the dirt roads of that time than were the harness accessories in the Bridger store, such as snaffles and check-bits, stirrup-leathers, halters and girths.

  13. I was led farther on, half expecting that the accessories of time and place would have to do with the revelation.

  14. All else seem to be in unison to aid the general strife; ocean, heavens, and the air, being alike accessories in the murky picture.

  15. To this list of imports must be added the inevitable Chinese fire-crackers, without which noisy accessories no Paraguayan holiday would be complete.

  16. I suppose there are few who do not feel a little stupid amusement at first at inaccuracies of costume and accessories in the older pictures, but we soon become as indifferent to them as the painters were themselves.

  17. She was made of stern stuff to endure the worst of things; but, after all, the pitiful little accessories of grief and death are harder to bear without weakening, because all one's powers of defence are not enlisted against them.

  18. The Holy Personages are merely accessories to the gorgeous framework, the embossed ornaments, the real jewels, which were in favour with the rich and magnificent patrons.

  19. It is his first great landscape, and all accessories have been sacrificed to intensity of effect.

  20. We have remarked already that with Veronese the accessories of gleaming satins and rich brocades serve to obscure the persons.

  21. It is the work of a man who has observed that early morning, like late evening, has a marvellous power of eliminating all unessential accessories and of enveloping every object in a delicious scheme of light.

  22. For accessories to these telescopes see page 11.

  23. The typewriter and its accessories are to be taken for granted in all libraries; and in connexion therewith its own special stationery, typewriting carbon, and stencilling papers, inks, etc.

  24. The lecturer’s instructions should be gone over carefully, and the state of the lantern screen, lantern, platform, signals and other accessories examined in time for any fault to be corrected.

  25. Of course, such chairs with these additional accessories could only be used in situations where there was plenty of room.

  26. A picture has been elsewhere defined as an arrangement of one or more objects and accessories so as to afford an agreeable subject of Contemplation.

  27. It must be represented with accessories and under Pictorial Effect.

  28. He usually takes a more lively interest in the acting and in the scenic and musical accessories than in the drama's literary quality.

  29. As soon as scenic machinery and music had become ordinary accessories of the stage, it seemed to theatrical managers almost a point of honour to fit Shakespearean drama to the new conditions.

  30. He makes his house gay without, and convenient within; but all its accessories are ephemeral—the paint which he spreads over the surface remains fresh for a year, and that suffices him.

  31. The principal accessories to its full development are pure air and sunshine, hence it is found only in the still places of the woods and valleys.

  32. These three conditions became important accessories to my mood that evening, a mood both tender and fierce.

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