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Example sentences for "accidence"

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accession; accessions; accessit; accessories; accessory; accidens; accident; accidental; accidentall; accidentally
  1. In accidence Sievers has been followed generally, but Zupitza’s classification of the strong verbs has been adopted for convenience of use with Bülbring’s Geschichte der Ablaute.

  2. But with such minute exceptions, the accidence of the 16th century was the accidence of the 19th.

  3. In his second book,[226] Palsgrave treats what he calls the second difficulty of the French tongue--the accidence of the nine parts of speech.

  4. After dealing with pronunciation, he passes to the accidence and syntax, with special attention to his favourite theory of the importance of a knowledge of primitives and derivatives.

  5. Poole's English Accidence for attaining more speedily the Latin Tongue, so that every young child, as soon as he can read English, may by it turn any sentence into Latin.

  6. The publication of an Accidence at that period gives some countenance to this tradition.

  7. Accidence and etymology, which teaches us the nature of inflected forms and derivatives, and also how to use them.

  8. This will be done by memorizing the rules of accidence and derivation.

  9. All exercises requiring the use of the eyes and the hand are of the studial order, as are also those connected with accidence and derivation.

  10. Thoroughness is the excuse for giving boys grammar and accidence in the name of Greek: diagrams, formulae and numerical examples in the name of science.

  11. There are to be no lessons in grammar or accidence as such, nor of course any verse compositions except for older boys specialising in classics.

  12. But whether Miss Sippett saw the Accidence or not she always behaved as if it wasn't there.

  13. She was always careful to leave the Accidence open where Miss Sippett could see it and realise that she was not a stupid little girl.

  14. When Mamma saw the Accidence open on the drawing-room table she shut it and told you to put it in its proper place.

  15. For Syntax helpeth no man at such seasons, nor Accidence any maid; 'tis an ineffable intercourse they use, from which slip away both mood and tense and reason, and the world too .

  16. We all have pretty similar beginnings, as the prima stamina of a man and any other vertebrate are said to be undistinguishable to a certain point; and as St. Jerome learned his accidence of Donatus, so Virgil got his rudiments.

  17. But Spinoza has most decidedly and logically adopted this consequence, and affirmed the accidence of all individual being and the exclusive substantiality of God alone.

  18. In every change we think of substance in the universal; accidence is something specific (determinate), which changes with every changing cause.

  19. No accidence is conceivable without substance; for, in order to know that any thing is a definite reality, it must first be referred to reality in general, or to substance.

  20. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "accidence" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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