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Example sentences for "acclimatise"

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acclamation; acclamations; acclimated; acclimation; acclimatisation; acclimatised; acclimatization; acclimatize; acclimatized; acclivities
  1. In small towns one has to try to acclam--acclimatise Oneself in various branches.

  2. Not only is there a herd of escaped Camels in Spain, but the Spaniards attempted to introduce and acclimatise the useful Lama.

  3. It is not known in Ireland, and, curiously enough, attempts to acclimatise this animal in that island have failed--a state of affairs which contrasts with the fatal ease with which the Rabbit has been introduced into Australia.

  4. Yet it seems to be extremely difficult to acclimatise it elsewhere, for though no less than sixty specimens were turned out in Phoenix Park, Dublin, about forty years ago, none of them were ever seen afterwards.

  5. Attempts to acclimatise the English species have been made in a number of places in Ireland, but many of them have been failures, and not one of them has been a signal success.

  6. Everybody knows that northern and Arctic species can live perfectly well in a temperate climate, but that it is almost impossible to acclimatise southern animals in an Arctic or even temperate one.

  7. Mr. Glaisher states that the aeronaut may acclimatise himself to great heights by repeated ascents; but how much more may the mountaineer then hope to do so!

  8. The mountaineer can acclimatise himself to high regions by a constant and gradual process, a method obviously better calculated to extend the limits of his endurance.

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