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Example sentences for "acclamations"

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acclaim; acclaimed; acclaiming; acclaims; acclamation; acclimated; acclimation; acclimatisation; acclimatise; acclimatised
  1. The procession then moved on through the Cours la Reine, along the quay to the bridge of boats; and the deputies from the provinces received loud acclamations of applause from the people, which were answered by Vivent lis Parisians!

  2. The awful and unbroken stillness maintained during the administration of the oaths, rendered the acclamations which followed more forcible than they would otherwise have been.

  3. Fayette leading a body of cavalry, himself mounted on a milk white charger, rode into the amphitheatre amid the acclamations of the people, Vive la Fayette!

  4. The acclamations of the people, shouting "Long live Louis, our Country, and Constitution!

  5. He was not a little pleased too, at hearing the acclamations of the people in the amphitheatre on a day of festival, "All happiness to our lord and lady.

  6. It was sometimes given by the acclamations of the soldiers to those who commanded them.

  7. It showed itself in loud acclamations upon every change of fortune, while all eyes were so riveted on the lists that the spectators seemed as if they themselves had dealt and received the blows which were there so freely bestowed.

  8. The same acclamations were bestowed upon Prince John, although he was indebted for them rather to the splendor of his appearance and train than to the popularity of his character.

  9. To-morrow, the Lady Rowena will take upon her the state to which she has been called by the free election of the victor Knight, confirmed by the acclamations of the people.

  10. The shouts of the multitude, together with the acclamations of the heralds and the clangor of the trumpets, announced the triumph of the victors and the defeat of the vanquished.

  11. The acclamations of thousands applauded the unanimous award of the Prince and marshals, announcing that day's honors to the Disinherited Knight.

  12. The gas was renewed by Roziers, and the balloon again rising, extricated itself from among the branches, and soared majestically into the air, followed by the acclamations of the public.

  13. Montgolfier, rose into the air, and seemed to carry with it the testimony of friendship and regard between that gentleman and myself, while acclamations followed it.

  14. To the general acclamations of the crowd succeeded a profound silence.

  15. The nearest ranks kneeled down to allow those behind to have a view of the departure of the balloon, which disappeared among the clouds amid the acclamations of the prostrate multitude.

  16. A committee of escort was appointed, and Genet entered the city, amid the acclamations of an excited populace, with all the pomp of a conqueror.

  17. The president was formally welcomed by the selectmen, and was received into the city with acclamations of joy, the ringing of bells, and the firing of cannon.

  18. The acclamations of every age will be offered to the hero who gives happiness to France, and seeks to restore it to a contending world.

  19. So loud were the acclamations of the spectators, that they were heard half over the city, and they ceased not, till both vessels commenced firing a salute.

  20. Thus marched she in triumph through a vapour of perfumes, amidst the acclamations of all the malignant spirits; with most of whom she had formed a previous acquaintance.

  21. He now pretended to have regained his tranquillity, and set out for Samarah amidst the acclamations of a people who still loved him, and forbore not to rejoice when they believed him to have recovered his reason.

  22. The eyes of the whole assembly were directed towards him, and by acclamations and expressions of approbation, a prosperous and happy command were at once augured to him.

  23. Never,’ writes the Ferrarese ambassador, ‘was he received with such acclamations by the people, who attribute the recapture of Sarzana to him before all others.

  24. What say you to it, that Prynne and his fellows should be suffered to talk what they pleased while they stood in the pillory, and win acclamations from the people?

  25. However it was observed that as often as he spoke in his speech of liberty or religion, the members did seem to rejoice with acclamations of joy.

  26. The Dauphin took no umbrage at either acclamations or marks of homage of which the Dauphiness was the object.

  27. It was at that time proposed to hire a considerable number of persons in order to secure loud acclamations when the King and his family should make their appearance at the play upon the acceptance of the constitution.

  28. Suddenly loud acclamations resounding from all sides of the tilt-yard, accompanied by flourishes of trumpets, proclaimed the entrance of the royal laggard to the gallery.

  29. The utmost enthusiasm was awakened among the spectators, and their acclamations were loud and long.

  30. When Vespasian arrived, he had been received with acclamations by the inhabitants; who had already destroyed a portion of their walls, to prove that they never thought of resistance.

  31. He sent for the priests and leaders, and commanded them to go forth and receive, with acclamations of welcome, two cohorts of troops who were advancing from Caesarea.

  32. The appearance of the three nobles gave a fresh impulse to the boisterous merriment of the company; and as the new-comers pledged their friends in the wine-cup, it was received with the same thundering acclamations of "Vivent les Gueux!

  33. The glittering procession moved slowly on, to the blithe sounds of festal music, while the air was rent with the loyal acclamations of the populace, delighted, as usual, with the splendor of the pageant.

  34. The general comes to us, Suvorov-like, in a kibitka, and is received with acclamations of joy and triumph.

  35. Olivet on his way to Jerusalem, riding in triumph amidst the acclamations of the multitude who have witnessed his miracles and confessed his Messiahship, his path carpeted with their garments and covered with branches of the palm.

  36. Wherever you go, General, the acclamations of Freemen await you--their blessings and prayers will follow you.

  37. Here he was welcomed also by salutes from an artillery company, by civic arches and repeated acclamations of the assembled people.

  38. Multitudes assembled, who greeted his return, and renewed their joyful acclamations on meeting him again as a guest of their city.

  39. The peals of the village bell prolonged the acclamations of the admiring throng.

  40. Those acclamations were reechoed by the voice of the capital and of the nation; but within three weeks it became manifest that Charles had no intention of observing the compact into which he had entered.

  41. The acclamations of the devoted thousands who surrounded him wherever he turned could not dispel the gloom which sate on his brow.

  42. Those Presbyterian members of the House of Commons who had many years before been expelled by the army, returned to their seats, and were hailed with acclamations by great multitudes, which filled Westminster Hall and Palace Yard.

  43. He mounted and rode round the village, singing his war song in a loud hoarse voice amid the shrill acclamations of the women.

  44. The warrior in question led his two best horses into the center of the village, and gave them away to his friends; upon which songs and acclamations in praise of his generosity mingled with the cries of the women.

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