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Example sentences for "augured"

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augments; augmentum; augt; augur; augural; auguries; auguring; augurs; augury; augus
  1. He was at this moment pursuing his studies at the college of ----, and was making a progress in professional learning that augured well for his future success in the world.

  2. The words startled me; and, if he had had the keen perception of a refined man of the world, he might have augured something from the sound of my voice, though my words belied my thoughts.

  3. Everything augured for a successful night of sport.

  4. This success augured well, for the Sultan was forced to retire.

  5. All this augured well for the ensuing operations, and on the 12th the vanguard reached the southern bank of the Douro.

  6. The bodily symptoms which he now perceived would have led him to believe that a cure was possible, but there was a deep depression of mind, a heavy irritable sombreness, from the result of which the surgeon augured much evil.

  7. I thought her behaviour augured well, and I hoped she would not make me languish long.

  8. We dined together, and augured well of the skill of the new cook.

  9. Donna Ignazia was in such a state of ecstasy that I felt her trembling, and augured well for my amorous projects.

  10. As I passed them under review in my lordly manner, I noticed that one of them still looked fresh and pretty, which augured well for her daughter, though the fruit does not always correspond to the tree.

  11. I saw the face of the fair shopwoman light up, and I augured well for my success, though I could not expect to do much while the honeymoon lasted.

  12. By his manner I augured that my reign had passed, and that I must quit my post.

  13. Louis XV augured ill of his successor's reign, and imagined that the cabinet of Vienna would direct that of Versailles at pleasure.

  14. There were others who augured different consequences, from the effect of the same event on the feelings of Buonaparte's enemies, both open and unavowed.

  15. But if this proved so, it was the fault of Napoleon himself; his subjects and his allies augured very differently of its consequences, and to himself alone it was owing that these auguries were disappointed.

  16. Cyrus Harding shook his head with the air of a man who augured no good from the phenomenon whose development had been so sudden.

  17. Thus their behavior towards the pirates was agreed upon, although Pencroft augured nothing good from it.

  18. The victim's ear seemed chained to the sound, as if he could have augured from it whether or not the chest was empty.

  19. I started to see Mrs. Portheris at eleven o'clock on the morning of the 9th of April--a lovely day, a day which augured brightly and hopefully.

  20. The university people, to testify their respect for their founder, had come in a body to the obsequies of his kinsman; and Mrs. Ewbert augured the best things for her husband's future usefulness from their presence.

  21. For a long time past the prince had not come to his wife in this familiar fashion, and to the queen the pretence of affection and careless behaviour augured ill.

  22. It was remarked that Mr. Osborne was particularly quiet and gentle all day, to the surprise of those who had augured ill from his darkling demeanour.

  23. Crawley and his wife both of them augured evil from the continued presence of Mrs. Bute.

  24. Maria thought that her father was very much pleased with her, and Frederick augured the best for his little son and heir.

  25. They welcomed us to a share of their supper; and a good dish of rice, instead of insipid samh or pasty, augured a certain approach to civilization.

  26. And thus, whatever unfavorable predictions or dark forebodings our friends might hint regarding the inner Nedjed and its denizens, we trusted that so favorable a past augured somewhat better things for the future.

  27. Sarah Anne Drury had been invited to enliven grandmamma, and every one augured a beautiful day and perfect enjoyment.

  28. Albinia augured hopefully that soon her type of perfection would be no longer Polysyllabic.

  29. Thus their behaviour towards the pirates was agreed upon, although Pencroft augured nothing good from it.

  30. Cyrus Harding shook his head with the air of a man who augured no good from the phenomenon whose developments had been so sudden.

  31. The Democratic party was divided and charges and countercharges had been made that augured ill for party success, as has been seen, in dealing with the tariff and other important problems.

  32. The hostility of some of the railway managers to union among their laborers and the rumors that they were determined to crush such organizations augured ill for the future.

  33. The morning air was clear as crystal, cold, and invigorating,--all augured well.

  34. Nestor," showed he at least thought well of it, and augured its success.

  35. And while I travelled long in the land, a warning groan rose in my soul, which augured that thereafter I was never to see thee more.

  36. This man was famous in his youth among the huntsmen of his father for his conquest of a monstrous beast: a marvellous incident, which augured his future prowess.

  37. I augured well from the happy conjunction.

  38. She augured great things from the letter which she had entrusted to Mary, and in which she had spoken of Lord Fitzjocelyn in the highest terms her vocabulary could furnish.

  39. These words touched her so much to the heart that ever after her ladies augured ill for her.

  40. It was about the time of Burgoyne's unfortunate expedition, to which my Captain and I augured different conclusions.

  41. Captain Servadac was of opinion that this peculiarity augured favorably for the continuance of the eruption.

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