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Example sentences for "appellants"

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appeir; appelait; appele; appeler; appellant; appellate; appellation; appellations; appellative; appellatives
  1. There were places also made for the appellants to stand on the one side, and the defendants on the other, and a like roome was made behind for the knights and burgesses of the parlement.

  2. Then the eight appellants standing on the other side, cast their gloues to him, and in prosecuting their appeale (which alreadie had béene read) offered to fight with him man to man to iustifie the same.

  3. Many of the persecuted Appellants sought refuge in Holland, and the welcome accorded them seemed to justify the long cherished suspicion of Jansenism against the people of Utrecht.

  4. The pope, after vainly calling them to obey, thundered the ban against the Appellants in A.

  5. As a result, two Appellants made their way to Rome, as representatives of the clergy, though, as a matter of fact, no such commission had been given them.

  6. In 1602 another party of Appellants set out for Rome with no authorization whatever, except that of their own faction.

  7. There was no reason why this should command obedience more than the previous order and we may feel sure that the appellants fared no better in consequence.

  8. The inquisitors paid no respect to it and would-be appellants found that it was not safe to go to Seville for revision of their cases by the archbishop.

  9. The further career of the Lords Appellants must be told as shortly as possible, but without some account of it much of the remainder of my story will be unintelligible.

  10. The Lords Appellants appeared before the City on the 26th, and encamped at Clerkenwell on the 27th.

  11. Written articles to the number of thirty-nine were then exhibited by the appellants against the appellees.

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