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Example sentences for "appellant"

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appeere; appeir; appelait; appele; appeler; appellants; appellate; appellation; appellations; appellative
  1. And shortlie after was the esquier called to defend his cause in this forme: Thomas Katrington defendant, come and appeare to saue the action, for which sir Iohn Anneslie knight and appellant hath publikelie and by writing appealed thée.

  2. But, as this action is often highly important in its results, and places the appellant and the lodge in an entirely different relative position, I have deemed its consideration worthy of a distinct chapter.

  3. The appellant in this case remains in the position of a Mason "under charges.

  4. It finds that the appellant has been falsely accused of an offense which he has never committed; that he has been unfairly tried, and unjustly convicted.

  5. Lastly, the Grand Lodge may entirely reverse the decision of its subordinate, and decree a restoration of the appellant to all his rights and privileges, on the ground of his innocence of the charges which had been preferred against him.

  6. In the devotion of a subject's love, Tend'ring the precious safety of my prince, And free from other misbegotten hate, Come I appellant to this princely presence.

  7. The appellant in all duty greets your Highness, And craves to kiss your hand and take his leave.

  8. In 1387 he was with the five lords appellant at Waltham Cross (evidently then he was of the party of Gloucester and Arundel).

  9. In 1387 he was with the lords appellant at Waltham Cross.

  10. Est et copiositas papingonum auium viridium in colore quas appellant phicake, et quarum diuersa sunt genera, nobiliores habent latas in rostro linguas, et in vtroque pede digitos duos.

  11. Now suppose this appellant to be a Chinese brother.

  12. But, in order that the appeal may be properly prosecuted and disposed of, the appellant and the representative of Classis should be present in these higher courts.

  13. No appellant can lay his complaint before the General, till he has set before it a viertel; but, in case he carries his charge through, he has the right to name one of the condemned to the General, who shall reimburse him this viertel.

  14. If the appellant exceeds this time, without being able to show the impossibility of then proceeding with the business on which the Beer-convention has to decide, he loses the right to appeal, and moreover, must pay a viertel.

  15. The be-thundered or accuser-appellant who purposely spells his name wrong to the writer-down.

  16. If the appellant is cast, he is equally condemned to two viertels.

  17. The burden was upon the appellant to establish affirmatively the existence of such present cause for expulsion.

  18. Where it appears that privileged information was improperly admitted, it is not ground for reversal on appeal if it is apparent that the appellant was not injured by its reception.

  19. Please it your Majesty, This is the day appointed for the combat; And ready are the appellant and defendant, The armourer and his man, to enter the lists, So please your Highness to behold the fight.

  20. Now, suppose this appellant to be a Chinese brother.

  21. The appellee pleaded Not Guilty, and threw down his glove, and declared he would defend the same by his body; the appellant took up the glove, and replied that he was ready to make good the appeal body for body.

  22. The combatants were bare-headed and bare-footed, the appellee with his head shaved, the appellant as usual, but both dressed alike.

  23. Now, their most learned lordships find that there is absolutely no evidence that the appellant was an evil liver, much less an open and notorious evil liver.

  24. After this last proclamation, the appellant first left his pavilion, and advanced to meet the defendant.

  25. On the appointed day, the appellant entered the lists, accompanied by some of his nearest kindred, and was soon followed by the defendant.

  26. He came therefore to be in the same situation as the appellant in criminal cases.

  27. The appellant in all duty greets your highness, And craves to kiss your hand and take his leave.

  28. In the devotion of a subject's love, Tendering the precious safety of my prince, And free from other misbegotten hate, Come I appellant to this princely presence.

  29. The appellant may, however, request that bishop to send priests from his side to sit with the synod of appeal.

  30. In the regular course of those appeals an appellant could not leap the intermediate stages; but he could at any stage go to this final appeal, omisso medio, as it was technically called (see de appell.

  31. The vicar of Nointel raised the crucifix and resumed in his nasal voice: "Appellant and appellee, do you and each of you still insist that your cause is just?

  32. Appellant and appellee, do not ye shut your eyes to the danger to which you expose your souls in combating for a bad cause.

  33. I learned in Paris that there was to be a tourney here and thinking that, as usual, it would be followed or preceded by some judicial combat, where I might represent the appellant or the appellee, I came to the place on a venture.

  34. It was, accordingly, amidst a silence laden with anxiety and suppressed anger that one of the heralds uttered three times from the center of the arena the consecrated formula: "Let the appellant enter!

  35. The law, however, was laid down by the judges; and in those days the appellant jurisdiction of the House of Lords, by means of which the aristocracy might have indignantly reversed the insidious decision, had gone wholly into disuse.

  36. Footnote 110: The title of the case was Thomas Spraggins, appellant vs.

  37. The counsel for the appellant strained every nerve to secure another postponement.

  38. The only limit is that the appellant must confine himself to the grounds of appeal stated in the notice of appeal given by him.

  39. Fourteen clear days' notice of the motion must be given by the appellant to the other party, the respondent.

  40. The court has power to order the appellant to find security for the costs of an appeal, if special circumstances, such as insolvency or poverty or foreign domicile or the like, make the giving of security desirable.

  41. The appellant has a right to go from New Jersey to New York, in a vessel owned by himself, of the proper legal description, and enrolled and licensed according to law.

  42. The appellant in all duty greets your highness,[831] And craves to kiss your hand and take his leave.

  43. On applying for the inhibition, security is given on the part of the appellant to the amount of two hundred pounds, to answer costs, in case it should appear to the Court of Appeal that the appeal is vexatious.

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