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Example sentences for "aquifers"

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aquellas; aquello; aquellos; aqueous; aqui; aquil; aquiline; aquis; aquiver
  1. These pervious sands, interbedded with the lava, become the aquifers of artesian wells.

  2. There is also much promise in studies of the Basin's aquifers being carried out by the U.

  3. So could certain techniques of deliberate drawdown of aquifers to induce recharge with excess surface waters or sometimes treated sewage effluent, also presently under study.

  4. The source of this help was some 2000 gallons of water per minute that the Merck plant at Elkton and the Dupont plant near Waynesboro were releasing after having pumped it out of deep aquifers and used it for cooling.

  5. Porous areas that recharge aquifers ought to be kept as much as possible under vegetation rather than pavements or buildings, if people are to have streams later and not capricious drains that are better off covered over.

  6. And where the aquifers in question do not feed the original source stream system, a big subtraction is again involved.

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