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Example sentences for "astutely"

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astronomie; astronomy; astrophysics; asts; astute; astuteness; asunder; asuntos; asure; aswel
  1. He had astutely emphasized the fact that the word had five letters, of which the first was A.

  2. He had a purblind audience, and he astutely guided the professor until the conditions of the experiment suited him.

  3. Assuredly such doctrines were subversive, [320] no matter how astutely they might be interpreted by their apologists.

  4. Henry VII wrought assiduously and astutely to build up his power, seeking no less to increase the merchant class than to depress the aristocracy.

  5. He had never abandoned this scheme, and of late had been pushing it with some prospect of success; for among other encouraging features he astutely induced three privy councilors to become financially interested in the project.

  6. The Dooranee chiefs astutely urged that Shah Soojah, no longer supported by British bayonets, was now ruling in Cabul, as an argument in favour of Nott's withdrawal.

  7. Many things are astutely denied, nowadays, when a great deal of money comes out of them,” she said, wearily.

  8. Moreover, he astutely contrived to extend his priestly prestige to his whole family; his royalty was no longer merely a military command or a civil office, but became a Christian priesthood.

  9. Illustrative of how astutely a cornered stag will exploit every device and avenue of escape, an excellent instance is given in Wild Spain, p.

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