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Example sentences for "baronesses"

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  1. At noon my uncle took me with him to the wing where the two old Baronesses lived, that we might pay our respects to them with all due form.

  2. However that were, her thoughts went off in a perverse train upon the former baronesses of Rythdale; the ladies lovely and stately who had inhabited this noble abode.

  3. All the baronesses of that house had been famous for their beauty, and the heir of the house remarked to himself that this would prove not the least lovely of the race.

  4. Among the suite sent by Henry to attend upon his bride were the Countess of Shrewsbury and the Lady Emma de Scales, with five Barons and Baronesses of the realm.

  5. The Barons and Baronesses of the Queen’s suite received each four shillings and sixpence a day, the knights had half a crown each a day, and, at the tail of the following, the grooms were paid no more than fourpence per diem.

  6. Adela tells the abbot) was doubtless intended only for the Holy Apostles, not for a Christian woman who must make a fair showing for her husband in the face of Heaven knows how many critical baronesses and countesses.

  7. Nevertheless the chatelaines and baronesses of these parts are not always meek doves at the mercy of their husbands.

  8. However, there are many baronesses whose calves aren't as firm as these.

  9. The flower of the aristocracy might be seen there, and fair Jewish baronesses also adorned it by their presence, for the Jewish baronesses of Alca were Christians.

  10. We are much more adventurous, that set every thing to the hazard: but there are such numbers of baronesses that both talk and act with passion, that one would think the nation had lost its senses.

  11. An elegant canopy of cloth of gold was borne over her by four knights of the body; and immediately behind her rode four baronesses on grey palfreys.

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