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  1. The Baronets of Ulster and of the United Kingdom both use the Ulster hand as their symbol, borne upon their shield, but the Baronets of Nova Scotia indicate their rank in another way.

  2. By the original Statutes of the Order, Baronets in order to qualify for the rank had to maintain "thirty soldiers three years at eightpence a day in the Province of Ulster in Ireland.

  3. Baronets for Nova Scotia, of whom Sir Robert Gordon was first, were added by Charles I.

  4. It was at this time (1611) that the scheme, already mentioned, of creating baronets was proposed to James by Sir Anthony Shirley, as a means of raising money for the support of the army in Ulster.

  5. Many successful merchants and manufacturers bought landed estates and established a line of country squires or baronets or even peers.

  6. Forget the baronets for a while," said Hatton.

  7. Five or six hundred baronets in dark green costume,--the appropriate dress of equites aurati; each not only with his badge, but with his collar of S.

  8. I undertook to ascertain the rights and revive the claims of the baronets of England.

  9. The Reform Bill could never have passed if the baronets had been organized.

  10. The Baronets of Gairloch, and some other Gairloch Mackenzies 53 XV.

  11. Kenlochewe has belonged to the Gairloch baronets since that date.

  12. His body was sent to the people of Strathglass, who buried him in Beauly priory, where the Gairloch baronets are interred in the present day.

  13. Again, a vigorous branch of the Kintail Mackenzies took root in Gairloch, and culminated in the present series of the baronets of Gairloch.

  14. This Sir Alexander built Conan House, about 1758, during his father's lifetime, and it still continues the principal residence of the baronets of Gairloch.

  15. Baronets should be addressed by their full title and surname, as Sir John Blank, by the upper classes, and by their titles and christian names only by all other classes.

  16. The same rule applies equally to baronets and knights.

  17. Learning that there is a line of baronets of this name, every pretender to the family would be apt to call a son Wycherly.

  18. Are baronets addressed as other men, in England?

  19. In the mean time the party of the two baronets pursued its way towards the Hall.

  20. The order of Baronets was a new creation by James I.

  21. Knights would fain be baronets, baronets barons, and barons earls.

  22. It is a common error to suppose that baronets are hereditary knights.

  23. Baronets was originally created by him, for it was a question whether the recipients of the new dignity should be designated by that or some other name.

  24. Baronets are not entitled, as such, to bear supporters, which are the privilege of the peerage and the knights of the orders.

  25. A further petition, for permission to all baronets to wear a badge, as did those of Nova Scotia, met with the same fate in 1836.

  26. In consequence of the opposition of the baronets themselves, the first of these two regulations was rescinded and the evil remained unabated.

  27. Mr Broun's subsequent connexion with a scheme for reviving the territorial claims of the Nova Scotia baronets as part of a colonizing scheme need not be discussed here.

  28. Since the union with Ireland (1800) baronets have been created, not as of Great Britain or of Ireland, but as of the United Kingdom.

  29. The precedency of baronets of Nova Scotia and of Ireland in relation to those of England was left undetermined by the Acts of Union, and appears to be still a moot point with heralds.

  30. Acland, or de Vantort, from Vantort in Mayenne; the baronets Acland.

  31. Thomas Blois, living at Norton, Suffolk, 1470, was ancestor of the baronets Blois.

  32. The Baronets Boughey are maternally descended from Fletcher.

  33. Hence the Kings of Scotland, the Earls of Elgin, the Baronets Bruce.

  34. Sir Pitt might have said "he and his family," to be sure; but rich baronets do not need to be careful about grammar, as poor governesses must be.

  35. Sir Giles Wapshot's family were insulted that one of the Wapshot girls had not the preference in the marriage, and the remaining baronets of the county were indignant at their comrade's misalliance.

  36. Mrs. Tinker, flinging down the coin; "it's only baronets as cares about farthings.

  37. She explained that the lawyers and doctors enjoyed having their food with the earls and baronets much more than just prancing about lawns.

  38. At the same time, and as a consequence of this, peers and baronets should not be admitted into the orders of knighthood--they should be satisfied with their own dignities.

  39. The walls are covered with full-length portraits of the Baronets of Ruddigore from the time of James I.

  40. But on the very day upon which our wedding was to have been celebrated, I discovered that he was no other than Sir Roderic Murgatroyd, one of the bad Baronets of Ruddigore, and the uncle of the man who now bears that title.

  41. All baronets are bad; but was he worse than other baronets?

  42. As regards money I was put out of trouble by the inheritance I made: but does not Atra Cura sit behind baronets as well as equites?

  43. Here, the newspaper says there are more Lords and Baronets there than ever!

  44. Who would have thought, six months ago, of both of us having baronets for lovers?

  45. Sir James, it may be remembered, had deserted on the very first morning he had encountered Louisa Arden; so that disconsolate indeed were now the pair who had so lately congratulated themselves on having two baronets for their lovers.

  46. He chanced to be thrown early in life amongst several eccentric beings of the class, and took his ideas accordingly; but it is a fact that a very large number of stories about eccentric baronets are in circulation.

  47. I don't know why,' he added hastily; 'it may be that it is the only thing that baronets are good for.

  48. Perhaps this deed which you will begin to-day is the wise end to which baronets were designed.

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