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Example sentences for "biases"

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bhuthas; bian; bias; biased; biassed; biaus; biaxial; bibbers; bibbing
  1. In reality, languages are rather loaded systems of conventions in which national biases and other inclinations are extensively embodied and maintained, and even propagated, through speech, writing, and reading.

  2. Elgin, in which gender biases are reversed (Láadan).

  3. Heaven will enable me to be reconciled to the event, because I pursue the dictates of that judgment, against the biases of my more partial heart.

  4. Integrally all the above statements are the bases and biases of this human phenomenological method of nursology.

  5. To recognize one's biases means to put one's beliefs, one's cherished notions, out on the table.

  6. Is not this illusion chargeable to failure to see in these three modes of consciousness three emphases or biases of living?

  7. Sanity balances securely between the two biases of consciousness.

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