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Example sentences for "birthmarks"

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  1. A] And yet there is no doubt that birthmarks do occasionally occur, although it is very difficult to obtain properly authenticated cases of them.

  2. Maternal or prenatal embryonic infections could bring about many sorts of birthmarks and malformations.

  3. Birthmarks "William Jimmerson's wife had a daughter was born blind, and she said it was her husband's fault.

  4. It is easy to see, therefore, why such birthmarks are so frequently referred back by the credulous mother to her desire for or fear of some red object.

  5. Many of them will believe in birthmarks due to peculiar experiences of the mother.

  6. He has removed the birthmarks and peculiarities of Horace, and adopted those of Arthur?

  7. You know the marks on Endicott's body, birthmarks and the like .

  8. Not being able to explain them, they relegate all birthmarks to the “unknowables,” calling them freaks or monstrosities.

  9. Then she said, “I never heard of birthmarks until after my child was born.

  10. Personally, I am inclined to believe that birthmarks are about twice this frequent.

  11. Birthmarks cannot be explained on a physiological or materialistic basis.

  12. He did not believe in birthmarks at all, and stated that as he did not have the opportunity to investigate the pelvic conditions of the mothers, he should not be expected to explain the cases I gave him.

  13. In this way birthmarks may be largely prevented.

  14. Men of these professions, who are materialistic in their belief, treat the subject of birthmarks as a relic of superstition.

  15. Birthmarks can be explained only by the influences of the mother’s mental states upon the forming child in her body.

  16. I then asked him to explain some of the following cases of birthmarks by his theory.

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