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Example sentences for "cannonballs"

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  1. Artillerymen at Castillo de San Marcos complained that the "heavy" powder from Mexico was especially bad, for after a gun was fired a few times, the bore was so fouled that cannonballs would no longer fit.

  2. Iron shot for the smoothbore was a solid, round shot, cast in fairly accurate molds; the mold marks that invariably show on all cannonballs were of small importance, for the ball did not fit the bore tightly.

  3. Although most cannonballs bounced from the armor, lack of speed made the "cheese box on a raft" vulnerable, and poor visibility through the turret slots was a serious handicap in battle.

  4. We often threw three hundred cannonballs and shells a day into the city.

  5. Five hundred and twenty-five shells and cannonballs are hurled at the hurrying fleet.

  6. I had heard the roaring of heavy battle before, but never such a shrieking of cannonballs and bursting of shell as met us on that charge.

  7. It was a new experience to us, to have cannonballs come rolling right into our camp occasionally.

  8. He must have thought cannonballs would not hurt him.

  9. We cheered, and the Rebels, hearing us and knowing we must be assembled in masses, hurled a hundred cannonballs and shells over our heads, yet I think few were hurt.

  10. It's a wonder dem cannonballs didn't eat yo' up.

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