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Example sentences for "catcalls"

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  1. There was a chorus of jeers and catcalls from the crowds.

  2. To them it seemed a sign that McRae was at the end of his rope, and there were catcalls and shouts of derision as Joe came to the plate.

  3. She scrambled down from the old cherry tree and ran across the yard to the row of currant bushes, whence the last catcalls had come.

  4. Amid screams and catcalls from the shore an official launch came chugging up the course.

  5. House, accompanied by a dropping fire of catcalls and cockcrows.

  6. There were crows and catcalls showered upon him when he retreated without the horse.

  7. With the passionate song of the bullets and the banshee shrieks of shells were mingled loud catcalls and bits of facetious advice concerning places of safety.

  8. When the catcalls and wolf whistles had died away, Dr.

  9. As the whistle sounded for the end of the period, boos and catcalls from the grandstand filled the air.

  10. A great clapping of hands and stamping of feet followed, and there were several catcalls and whistlings from the pit and gallery.

  11. The audience saw that something was wrong, and catcalls and whistling and impertinent remarks were heard from all parts of the house.

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