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Example sentences for "chaperones"

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  1. Of all the worried chaperones and distracted duennas who hid their anxieties under pleasant smiles or affable lethargy, none were a quarter so miserable as Helena, Lady Marabout.

  2. A man giving a theatre or opera party should secure one or more chaperones if women are to be present.

  3. The chaperones may use their own carriages and call for guests if they desire.

  4. The chaperones may use their own carriage to call for the guests, and then meet the men at the places of entertainment.

  5. If the chaperones call for the guests, the men can be met at the place of amusement.

  6. At large theatre parties or suppers, when there are ten or more guests, several chaperones should be invited.

  7. A man can give such entertainments in bachelor apartments or restaurant, and if women are invited, chaperones should be present.

  8. He should assist in finding partners for the women, taking the chaperones into supper, preventing the men from selfishly remaining in the dressing-room, and at the end escorting unattended women to their carriages.

  9. Down the line of chairs from his position, Lane saw the chaperones of the Prom, no doubt mothers of some of these girls.

  10. He did not mind that two of the chaperones stared at him in supercilious curiosity, as if speculating on a possible faux pas of his at this dance.

  11. The conversation of a sensible man like myself is quite as great a treat to the chaperones as is the pleasure of hopping about the room with you to the girls.

  12. Then I think the chaperones will have to do without me, Gulston.

  13. It isn't as if chaperones were the smallest good; no girl who wants to flirt is the least incommoded by her chaperone, nor does the chaperone take her away till she feels inclined to go.

  14. In a few years chaperones will be as extinct as--as Dodos.

  15. We had fulfilled our duties as chaperones to the fullest extent, and had also got our own two ways in the end, which is always comfortin' to a woman.

  16. And it ain't likely that Josiah with two chaperones would set eyes on any.

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