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Example sentences for "classifiers"

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classification; classifications; classificatory; classified; classifier; classifies; classify; classifying; classing; classis
  1. But, by the middle of the Nineteenth Century, classifiers began to give them up because of their variability on leaves of trees of the same variety or even on the same tree.

  2. It is in subordination of the specific to the broader subject or class and in collocation of related subjects and subdivisions of classes that most systems fail; and here that most classifiers fail to understand either the fault or the remedy.

  3. The Committee on code for classifiers begs to present a report of progress.

  4. It often suggests alternative places for a subject, stating the reasons for and against each, so that classifiers have a liberty of choice according to the character of their libraries, or of their clientage, or their own preferences.

  5. At first I spoke of two, then of three; so that even in my addition I was modestly below the mark, and had really some grounds for recommending our friends the classifiers to beware what they asserted in this case.

  6. In this broadened view the details of classification ceased to have the importance once ascribed to them, and the quibblings of the classifiers seem amusing rather than serious.

  7. Happily, however, for classifiers there are, and will always probably remain, a number of unknown forms.

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