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Example sentences for "collocation"

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  1. If it is a question of the convenience of arrangement of books, then the value of their present collocation becomes a problem.

  2. Doubling the collocation with difference of time and place, as by pointing two guns, or exploding a second barrel after the first, does double the effect.

  3. As the collocation must be a collocation of objects possessing the force-giving property, the collocation, so understood, included the force.

  4. The cause we are in search of, is a collocation of objects possessing that particular property.

  5. The whole of the phenomena of nature were therefore the necessary, or, in other words, the unconditional, consequences of some former collocation of the Permanent Causes.

  6. In the example of the wall, it consists in a new collocation of two things relatively to each other—the wall and the paint.

  7. But, since we are entirely ignorant, in case of its depending on a collocation, what the collocation is, we are not safe in extending the law beyond the limits of time and place in which we have actual experience of its truth.

  8. In the case of the gunpowder, this state of preparation consists in a certain collocation of its particles relatively to one another.

  9. Causes that merely make good the collocation for bringing a prime mover into action, or that release a potential force, do not follow any such rule.

  10. If it depends on a collocation, it will be true in all the cases in which that particular collocation exists.

  11. Now this last-mentioned element in the resolution of a derivative law, the element which is not a law of causation, but a collocation of causes, cannot itself be reduced to any law.

  12. The method affords no means of determining which of these uniformities are laws of causation, and which are merely derivative laws, resulting from those laws of causation and from the collocation of the causes.

  13. But, knowing of no rule or principle to which the collocations themselves conform, we cannot conclude that because a collocation is proved to exist within certain limits of place or time, it will exist beyond those limits.

  14. If the collocation varies, though the laws themselves remain the same, a totally different set of derivative uniformities may, and generally will, be the result.

  15. Such uniformities will only obtain where there exists the same collocation of those primeval causes.

  16. It seems to be assumed that since the words are all there, so long as they be preserved, their exact collocation is of no moment.

  17. His masterpiece is now in the Escorial; it represents the "Collocation of the Host.

  18. For instance, I submit to the experienced that the degree of hostility it betrays is in much proportioned to its collocation in the sentence.

  19. The collocation of letters by which we designate Him?

  20. And so this collocation of ideas opens the way for us to important considerations bearing upon the practical ordering of our natures and of our lives.

  21. Deem not this collocation simply a burlesque on Scientific categories.

  22. For the other formations which regard the dissimilarity of the parts contained in the same body, and their collocation and position, are secondary in comparison with the former.

  23. Were it possible, in fact, to get back to this original collocation of causes and to formulate it, the formula would explain the universe as it is and has been, the totality of things.

  24. Why was this particular collocation determined on rather than one of the countless alternatives?

  25. To say that that collocation was not the outcome of a previous collocation is really to say that there was originally no antecedent necessity why this or any other order of evolution should take place at all; that Z hangs on Y, Y on X .

  26. The whole question is whether the initial collocation was due to chance or to purpose.

  27. The whole of the phenomena of nature were therefore the necessary, or in other words, the unconditional, consequences of some former collocation of the Permanent Causes.

  28. He was an admirer of what he called "understanding in women," and the mere flavor of a Shakespearian collocation of words refreshed his spirit like an oasis in a desert.

  29. But nothing, no collocation of invented circumstances seemed capable of baffling Miss Fisher.

  30. Algernon Sydney do a deal, but they can't do everything,--not to say that captious folk see a certain bathos in the collocation with my surname.

  31. What could come of such a collocation of names but a life of incongruity and absurdity!

  32. Oh, if there is an absurd collocation of words, it is that!

  33. So the old world came to the new with a whole collocation of sainted personages flocking like doves to her banners.

  34. Nobody knows really what a city is except that it is something more than a collocation of houses.

  35. He often exercises a liberty in the collocation of his words which is beyond what an uninflected language like the English admits of, without more or less obscurity.

  36. The function of the syntactical collocation is to express the connexion of the cloth with the action of being; the connexion of the red colour (with the cloth) on the other hand is denoted by the word 'red' only.

  37. We cannot more simply do this than by considering the proper collocation of the substantive and adjective.

  38. This artful Collocation commands the Attention, and makes the Reader feel and see what is offer'd to him.

  39. That this Effect is owing to the Collocation will appear by considering any one of the Instances now produc'd.

  40. I cannot omit two other Instances of Milton's wonderful Art in the Collocation of Words, by which the Thoughts are exceedingly heighten'd.

  41. I remember an Instance of this Monosyllable Collocation at the Beginning of a Line in rhym'd Verse, which is very well worth inserting here.

  42. Right reason rejects as an utterly inadequate explanation of the natural order of the universe the fantastic and far-fetched supposition of a chance collocation of indifferent, undetermined and aimless physical agencies.

  43. The collocation should have been ghabh iad domblas, &c.

  44. The collocation of Adverbs is for the most part arbitrary.

  45. The same arrangement obtains pretty uniformly in Hebrew, and seems the natural and ordinary collocation of the Verb and its Noun in that language.

  46. Thus a difficulty will occasionally occur in pronouncing certain words, where the general analogy of inflection or of collocation has brought together articulations which do not easily coalesce.

  47. A close analogy may be traced between the Gaelic and the French in the collocation of the Adjective.

  48. This awoke my associations, and the collocation jarred--I was selfish enough to want a monopoly of the associations.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "collocation" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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