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Example sentences for "collocated"

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  1. In selected scenarios, the guide provides a method for estimating casualties among collocated civilians based on local population density.

  2. Although a PDS may be collocated with thorough decontamination, a PDS must be operational at Levels I, II, III, and IV MTFs.

  3. NOTE Organic medical personnel must not be used to perform the HSS mission at the collocated site.

  4. Therefore, they are not available to provide medical support for operating the patient decontamination station that is collocated with the central unit decontamination facility.

  5. Thus for example the energy which collocated the milk-atoms to form milk was in a state of arrest in the milk state.

  6. Of course the collocation or combination is not an entity separated from the collocated or combined things.

  7. The truth is that causal elements remain and when they are properly collocated the effect is produced.

  8. Admitting that the same substance must always have the same properties, we can not affirm that the same substances will always be collocated in the same manner, or distributed in space with the same uniformity.

  9. Finally, the human mind approaches the question--Why have these physical agencies been so collocated or adjusted?

  10. But a part can represent the whole; and "flesh" is the part most antithetical to the Divine Nature, with which here Manhood is collocated and in a sense contrasted.

  11. The words are the voice of that Psalm where the glories of the visible heavens are collocated with the glories of the Word of God.

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