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Example sentences for "collegial"

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colleens; college; collegers; colleges; collegia; collegian; collegians; collegiate; collegiates; coller
  1. Time for reflection and collegial dialogue is necessary to maintain this nursing lens in a period of increasing responsibility.

  2. A renewed commitment to professional caring means that nurses would seek connectedness in all collegial relationships as nurses are open to discovering the unfolding meaning of human caring, with persons valued as important in themselves.

  3. And first, which is a great point, most of the incumbents in the town parishes, in the three hundred collegial churches, in the small canonicates of the cathedral chapters, belonged to better families than at the present day.

  4. In addition, the fiscal, Juan Maria de Rodesno was collegial of Cuenca and the secretary, Pedro de Armenta was prebendary of Cordova.

  5. The gem of the place, however, is neither the big marronier, nor the collegial church, nor the mighty dungeon, nor the hideous prisons of Louis XI.

  6. I shall be obliged to trespass further upon the time of this assembly, while I glance at a few particulars connected with the attainment of the single end of a collegial education.

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