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Example sentences for "coulombs"

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  1. The apparatus traces a curve whose ordinates give the number of coulombs sought.

  2. The question is to know at every moment the quantity of coulombs produced by the pile.

  3. It is well to keep the distinction between coulombs and amperes in mind, as even in text books very lately published these units are confounded.

  4. Of course 3,600 coulombs of electricity may be obtained in any desired time.

  5. What is called the electric current is simply the relation of any quantity of electricity passed to the time it is passing; that is quantity in coulombs = current in amperes x time in seconds, or simply coulomb = ampere x second.

  6. To illustrate further the difference between coulombs and amperes, the following example is given.

  7. One ampere is one coulomb per second, two amperes are two coulombs per second, and so on.

  8. An electrical current is measured in coulombs per second.

  9. It would be an injustice not to mention the other shrines in detail after the prominence that has been given to the abbeys of Coulombs and Charroux; so the history of another will be given.

  10. However, it was a sufficient confession that the Theosophists receded from a proposal to test all these things, including the handwriting of the letters, before a law court, for which the Coulombs were eager.

  11. The letters, mainly efforts to prevent the Coulombs from revealing the frauds, were pronounced forgeries; but no expert reading them can fail to perceive that to forge them would require a genius far beyond even that of Madame Blavatsky.

  12. Coulombs are found by multiplying amperes by seconds; thus, a current of 5 amperes will give 20 coulombs in 4 seconds.

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