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Example sentences for "craftier"

Lexicographically close words:
cradling; craft; crafte; craftes; craftie; craftiest; craftily; craftiness; crafts; craftsman
  1. I have heard a saying of thy father Godwin, That, were a man of state nakedly true, Men would but take him for the craftier liar.

  2. When Harold goes and Tostig, shall I play The craftier Tostig with him?

  3. The greyer your enemy is, the older; and the older the craftier and the craftier the better for a little killing.

  4. It hath beene vsed as a common by-word, a craftie knaue needeth no Broker, whereby it should appeare that there can hardlie bee a craftier knaue than a Broker.

  5. It was a craftier than Mirabeau explained them, though,' broke in De Noe, 'the shrewd and subtle Maurice de Talleyrand!

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