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Example sentences for "cremations"

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cremaster; cremate; cremated; cremating; cremation; crematorium; crematory; creme; crenate; crenated
  1. At Tokio in Japan no fewer than 22 crematoria exist, and about an equal number of cremations and burials in earth take place.

  2. From observing the Milanese cremations alluded to I think it barely possible that the human heart is ever capable of withstanding fire for more than a brief period; but since Mr. J.

  3. The cost of the fuel expended during the last three cremations in Germany did not exceed 3s.

  4. The above two cremations may be regarded as sumptuous ones, and far above the means of the common people.

  5. Several other cremations have also taken place there.

  6. The Balinese, being devout Hindus, burn their dead, but the cremations are held only twice yearly, being observed as holidays, like Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July.

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